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How To Spell stiff?

Correct spelling: stiff

Definition of stiff:

  1. the dead body of a human being

List of misspellings for stiff:

  • sraff,
  • satasify,
  • saifd,
  • tsaff,
  • stif,
  • styaff,
  • cetify,
  • sattify,
  • shitf,
  • sfsdf,
  • satifsy,
  • stiffy,
  • swife,
  • justifi,
  • sitself,
  • seeif,
  • satisify,
  • strief,
  • sctive,
  • surff,
  • satishfy,
  • ositive,
  • stisfy,
  • stiuff,
  • stivk,
  • satifed,
  • scifi,
  • sdfg,
  • strif,
  • satsify,
  • satifice,
  • stouf,
  • stofe,
  • satff,
  • setsfiy,
  • satsfy,
  • stff,
  • sasitfy,
  • striff,
  • stoof,
  • siff,
  • sstuff,
  • stuft,
  • soif,
  • sutisfy,
  • seriff,
  • staffy,
  • stifil,
  • ataff,
  • steff,
  • stfu,
  • stuffe,
  • setforth,
  • satuify,
  • staisfy,
  • sfaff,
  • asdfa,
  • satisf,
  • syuff,
  • butif,
  • steph,
  • satifie,
  • saticfi,
  • satify,
  • stiffin,
  • nitify,
  • stuffd,
  • saidf,
  • satiscfy,
  • safify,
  • styff,
  • shtuff,
  • selff,
  • thestaff,
  • astuff,
  • straff,
  • sifi,
  • stift,
  • satidfy,
  • thatstuff,
  • stufe,
  • sitefor,
  • dtaff,
  • stafe,
  • settinf,
  • bitof,
  • justif,
  • shiff,
  • satisfi,
  • sidinf,
  • jusitify,
  • stufff,
  • satefy,
  • stilfe,
  • sidfe,
  • satifiy,
  • stuiff,
  • stiiffer,
  • stich,
  • stive.

What does the abbreviation stiff mean?


Related words for stiff

A Little Stiff


1991 film

A Little Stiff is a 1991 minimalist comedy directed by Caveh Zahedi and Greg Watkins based on true events and re-enacted by the actual participants.

George Stiff



George Stiff was an English engraver and newspaper proprietor. Stiff worked as foreman of the engravers in the Illustrated London News before becoming a newspaper proprietor himself in the 1840s.

Hugh Stiff



Hugh Vernon Stiff was an Anglican bishop in the 20th century. Stiff was born on 15 September 1916 and educated at the University of Toronto. He was a parishioner of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Toronto. He was ordained in 1953 and began his ordained ministry as missioner at Lintlaw, Saskatchewan. After this he was Rector of All Saints' Saskatchewan then Dean of Calgary. In 1969 he became Bishop of Keewatin. In 1974 he became Dean of Toronto and Rector of St. James' Cathedral, until his retirement in 1986. Stiff died on 24 September 1995.

Stiff + Trevillion


Architecture firm

Stiff + Trevillion is a London-based architectural practice founded in 1981 by Michael Stiff and Andrew Trevillion. By 2014, the firm had 40 staff members and had worked on over 2,000 projects.

Stiff Street


Stiff Street is a hamlet almost on the M2 motorway, near the village of Bredgar, in the Swale District, in the English county of Kent. The nearest town is Sittingbourne.

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Rhymes for stiff:

  1. diff, whiff, griff, cliffe, liff, sniff, ziff, clif, shiff, giff, if, skiff, tiff, jif, cliff, liffe, biff, riff;

Translations for stiff:

Afrikaans word for Stiff


Arabic word for Stiff


Chinese words for Stiff

板, 僵硬, 硬挺, 坚硬, 呆板, 生硬, 硬生生, 僵直, 死硬, 板滞.

Dutch words for Stiff

stevig, stel, hard, sterk, stijf, koppig, stram, stug, houterig, ongemakkelijk.

French words for Stiff

firme, lourd, ferme, féroce, raide, rigides, macchabée, farouche, raides, ankylosé, figé, courbatu, gourd.

German words for Stiff

Dur, hart, fest, unbeweglich, rigid, rigide, starr, formal, steif, rüde, ungelenk, fort, lahm, ungelenkig, stocksteif, eingerostet, Star.

Greek word for Stiff


Japanese words for Stiff

ごわごわ, バリバリ, ばりばり, かたくるしい.

Javanese word for Stiff


Korean word for Stiff


Malay word for Stiff


Norwegian word for Stiff


Polish word for Stiff


Portuguese words for Stiff

rígido, forte, rijo.

Spanish words for Stiff

duro, severo, rígido, tieso, entumecido, agarrotado, dolorido, feroz, tenso, firmes.