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Correct spelling: stoop

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What is the definition of stoop?

  1. Condescension.

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What are the rhymes for stoop?

  1. drupe, whoop, snoop, coupe, roop, swoope, dupe, shoop, goop, sloop, soup, loup, group, houp, troop, scoop, loop, doupe, droop, lupe, loupe, hoop, coop, swoop, croup, troupe, stoup, koop, boop;
  2. regroup, recoup, arup;
  3. guadeloupe, guadalupe;

What are the translations for stoop?

Arabic word for Stoop


Bengali word for Stoop


Chinese words for Stoop

俯, 弯腰, 委曲, 弯腰驼背, 门廊, 俯身.

French word for Stoop

être voûté.

German word for Stoop

sich bücken.

Greek word for Stoop


Italian word for Stoop

avere le spalle curve.

Japanese words for Stoop

猫背, 身をかがめる, かがめる, 屈める, みをおとす, 身を落とす, ねこぜ, こごむ, 身を屈める, 猫脊, みをかがめる, 屈む, 猫背である.

Javanese word for Stoop


Korean word for Stoop


Malay word for Stoop


Norwegian word for Stoop

bøye seg.

Polish word for Stoop


Portuguese word for Stoop


Romanian word for Stoop


Russian word for Stoop


Spanish words for Stoop

inclinarse, recurrir, agacharse, encorvarse, abatirse, rebajarse.

Swedish word for Stoop

böja sig.

Tamil word for Stoop


Ukrainian word for Stoop


Vietnamese word for Stoop

lưng tôm.