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What are the rhymes for store?

  1. lor, lenore, pour, inshore, lahore, galore, timor, nor, shore, gorr, laur, pore, explore, warr, thor, score, schnorr, or, spore, morr, loar, implore, dior, gabor, nohr, livor, ohr, tore, ore, corps, senor, ngor, gore, sore, prewar, snore, sedor, torre, yore, laure, postwar, core, oar, swore, mohr, rapport, four, saur, hardcore, glor, floor, vore, igor, soar, mor, scor, mazor, flor, restore, d'or, m4, wor, your, underscore, glore, outscore, cohr, more, por, chore, porr, tor, torr, corr, goar, fore, coar, dorr, orr, war, hoar, flore, bore, boar, dore, offshore, boer, sor, bohr, cor, outpour, lore, ignore, roar, deplore, door, moore, wore, drawer;
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  3. anymore, livermore, guarantor, heretofore, antiwar;

What are the translations for store?

Arabic word for Store

مَحَلٌ تِـجارِيّ.

Chinese word for Store


Dutch words for Store

opslaan, bewaren, inslaan, opslag, zaak, magazijn, voorraad, opslagplaats, opbergen, pakhuis.

French words for Store

enregistrer, stocker, magasin, entreposer, ranger, conserver, sauvegarder, garder, store, mémoriser, emmagasiner, archiver, magasiner.

German words for Store

Lager, speichern, lagern, Vorrat, laden, hinterlegen, einlagern, unterbringen, Stock, Provision, Filiale, aufbewahren, verstauen, Speicher, Kaufhaus, Lagerhaus, stapeln, Winkel, Magazin, verwahren, abspeichern, einspeichern, auf Lager nehmen, Warenhaus, Lagerraum, Archivar, Boutique.

Greek word for Store


Italian words for Store

negozio, magazzino.

Japanese words for Store

ストア, 店舗, 貯え, 販売店, ストアー, 貯える, 商, 舗, 納める, 店鋪, 蓄え, たな, 蓄える, たくわえ, ためる, てんぽ, 店棚, ほ, 収める, 商舗, ほぞう, みせだな, 商家, 店屋, 蔵する, おさむ, 見世, しょうほ, おさめる, ぞうする, たくわえる, みせ, しょうか, 保蔵, 仕舞う, 書きこむ, ちくせき, かきこむ.

Javanese word for Store


Malay word for Store


Marathi word for Store


Norwegian word for Store


Polish word for Store


Portuguese words for Store

negócio, suprimento, estoque, estocar, estabelecimento, arquivar, depósito, armazenar, loja.

Russian words for Store

магазин, склад, запас, запасной.

Spanish words for Store

reserva, guardar, acumular, almacenamiento, almacenar, conservar, tienda, establecimiento, filial, depositar, conservarse.

Turkish word for Store