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Correct spelling: strand

Definition of strand:

  1. To run aground.
  2. The shore or beach of the sea, a lake, or a navigable river.
  3. One of the twists or parts of which a rope is composed.
  4. To break one of the strands of a rope.
  5. To drift or be driven ashore; to run aground.

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Examples of usage for strand:

  1. Every week- day morning, summer and winter, throughout the year, sunshine or rain, fog or snow, father and son left their home for the business house in the Strand at four o'clock. –  by
  2. Now, on his return home through the Strand he took notice of a certain cobbler who was constantly up at work whistling and singing every morning. –  by
  3. A spring- like wind stirred a single strand of bright hair; lips slightly parted, she lay there, face to the sky, and Marche thought that he had never looked upon anything in all the world more pure and peaceful. –  by

Quotes for strand:

  1. They had certainly exasperated them, and could not disperse them, as after every charge- and some of these drove the people right against the shutters in the shops in the Strand- they returned again.
  2. I think it is just stupid economics for a government to approach economic management from a strand of thinking regarding unions as enemies.
  3. What about the hero of The House on the Strand? What did it mean when he dropped the telephone at the end of the book? I don't really know, but I rather think he was going to be paralysed for life. Don't you?
  4. Not on one strand are all life's jewels strung.
  5. By then I was in Brooklyn and drank my way through that summer. I stopped when I got sick of that and got a job at the Strand bookstore, which was a little better than the tax job.