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How To Spell strangulation?

Correct spelling: strangulation

List of misspellings for strangulation:

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  • satrangulation,
  • ztrangulation,
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Maru Sira


Sri Lankan criminal

Dedduwa Jayathungalage Siripala, better known as Maru Sira, was a Sri Lankan criminal who was executed amongst much controversy. Maru Sira achieved fame through several daring escapes.

Muhammad Alam


Muhammad Alam was the 22nd Sultan of Brunei who ruled from 1826 to 1828. He was also known as "Raja Api" or the Fire King.

Sir Danvers Osborn, 3rd Baronet


Osborn baronets

Sir Danvers Osborn, 3rd Baronet was colonial governor of New York Province briefly in 1753. Details of his demise appeared in the New York Post giving details of the last week of his life.

Strangulation and Dismemberment

William Conroy



William Conroy was the last person executed at the Perth Gaol. Conroy was convicted of murdering Fremantle Town Councillor John Snook.

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Examples of usage for strangulation:

  1. The son, or nearest relative, performs the office of executioner- the self- devoted victim being disposed of by strangulation – The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies by Robert Gordon Latham

Quotes for strangulation:

  1. There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him.

Rhymes for strangulation:

  1. installation, recommendation, commemoration, excitation, indoctrination, population, detoxification, conversation, saponification, adjudication, intimidation, recertification, hydration, derivation, relaxation, reverberation, taxation, allegation, articulation, confiscation, elaboration, insubordination, decentralization, delineation, suffocation, renegotiation, animation, implementation, falsification, transplantation, enumeration, reallocation, saturation, conflagration, fluoridation, germination, embarkation, invocation, divination, indexation, confrontation, generalization, equivocation, fascination, sensation, protestation, gravitation, polarization, probation, appellation, lubrication, sophistication, reauthorization, hesitation, naturalization, disinformation, lactation, exoneration, assassination, frustration, foundation, palpitation, generation, exhortation, implication, habitation, optation, ejaculation, subluxation, negation, relation, deprivation, complication, liberalization, infatuation, consolation, nullification, discoloration, excommunication, damnation, amplification, punctuation, reclamation, desolation, democratization, publication, gastrulation, exacerbation, misrepresentation, indentation, evocation, cohabitation, compilation, incapacitation, clarification, emanation, augmentation, personification, validation, elation, maximization, granulation, rehydration, fumigation, insemination, replication, deregulation, misappropriation, diversification, cogitation, migration, reconfiguration, nationalization, amalgamation, hydrogenation, association, remuneration, separation, incantation, molestation, recalculation, ligation, characterization, estimation, vulgarization, elongation, destabilization, variation, obligation, perforation, toleration, dictation, extrapolation, rededication, excavation, demarcation, domination, expatriation, reforestation, registration, vaporization, impersonation, cremation, celebration, instigation, dehumanization, violation, mediation, evaluation, agitation, reinterpretation, dissociation, decapitation, stipulation, verification, retardation, misinterpretation, corp, domestication, privatization, reservation, origination, corporation, flotation, incrustation, documentation, westernization, anticipation, continuation, isolation, degeneration, reconsideration, respiration, examination, inhabitation, translation, reaffiliation, pacification, amortization, information, reputation, illustration, modulation, monopolization, proclamation, ordination, emancipation, coagulation, location, condensation, laceration, exploration, confabulation, fluctuation, dissemination, repatriation, pasteurization, depreciation, demobilization, imagination, regulation, multiplication, imputation, deformation, recreation, personalization, refrigeration, incoordination, corroboration, perturbation, desecration, reunification, allocation, retaliation, deviation, misidentification, pigmentation, consultation, depredation, situation, edification, inflammation, nitration, revaluation, libration, infiltration, deification, ministration, application, explanation, integration, stagflation, nondiscrimination, disintegration, dissertation, valuation, profanation, flirtation, titillation, mechanization, hallucination, gestation, exfoliation, renovation, specification, misapplication, modernization, decontamination, oscillation, disorganization, perspiration, recitation, disinflation, fortification, disqualification, electrification, desperation, admiration, subordination, recrimination, transillumination, occupation, formation, reevaluation, modification, maturation, incarnation, inauguration, demonization, devastation, hibernation, impregnation, defamation, emigration, arbitration, suburbanization, importation, authorization, pollination, reorganization, categorization, appalachian, mutilation, alteration, liquidation, gyration, confirmation, manipulation, disputation, narration, ornamentation, capitulation, politicization, intoxication, liberation, justification, fibrillation, quantification, conglomeration, mitigation, graduation, dehydration, consummation, devaluation, fabrication, miniaturization, immigration, intensification, ossification, representation, calibration, cancellation, resignation, visualization, aviation, concatenation, reincarnation, instrumentation, reclassification, hospitalization, echolocation, malformation, victimization, utilization, magnification, approbation, industrialization, fertilization, communication, escalation, irradiation, immunization, fixation, civilization, vilification, altercation, dramatization, cultivation, inclination, colonization, popularization, aggravation, coordination, sanctification, socialization, limitation, realization, approximation, advocation, affirmation, manifestation, equitation, moderation, computerization, miscalculation, vindication, annexation, alienation, coloration, salvation, annotation, decoration, nomination, reaffirmation, ramification, filtration, regimentation, demoralization, exhumation, communization, appropriation, concentration, figuration, russification, gratification, indignation, consternation, hyperinflation, indication, amelioration, denunciation, inundation, amputation, preparation, incarceration, elevation, exhalation, glaciation, reformation, stabilization, vaccination, glorification, remediation, renomination, exploitation, renunciation, simulation, illumination, rehabilitation, authentication, infestation, interrogation, organization, triangulation, restoration, dispensation, subsidization, rationalization, exclamation, inoculation, expiration, calculation, reexamination, contemplation, reparation, declaration, revitalization, levitation, miseration, demodulation, resuscitation, configuration, simplification, consideration, annihilation, vacation, repudiation, plantation, prognostication, discrimination, oration, perpetuation, facilitation, rotation, ratification, provocation, vacillation, premeditation, degradation, demonstration, overvaluation, inspiration, disinclination, intimation, tabulation, dilatation, transformation, affectation, eradication, evacuation, criminalization, nonproliferation, disorientation, sanitation, avocation, litigation, notation, sedimentation, organisation, irritation, rejuvenation, miscreation, gasification, procreation, destination, regeneration, operation, duplication, solicitation, qualification, reconciliation, telecommunication, delegation, recantation, pronunciation, exaggeration, desalinization, stalinization, recuperation, intonation, obfuscation, differentiation, coronation, insinuation, convocation, orchestration, mineralization, navigation, neutralization, distillation, conjugation, miscommunication, humiliation, substantiation, sedation, proration, croatian, ovation, exasperation, mutation, invalidation, magnetization, connotation, reflation, unification, rectification, dedication, commercialization, reiteration, fermentation, foliation, securitization, cooperation, usurpation, rumination, collaboration, equalization, segregation, ovulation, computation, legalization, extermination, urbanization, participation, irrigation, culmination, mobilization, negotiation, innovation, congregation, marginalization, presentation, gentrification, expectation, tribulation, specialization, trepidation, emulation, codification, appreciation, accumulation, summation, determination, decertification, classification, ostentation, incorporation, argumentation, implantation, privation, normalization, procrastination, initiation, globalization, unionization, vegetation, stagnation, balkanization, temptation, dislocation, automation, overpopulation, dissipation, masturbation, deforestation, certification, privatisation, creation, federation, meditation, jubilation, transportation, oxidation, mummification, donation, localization, experimentation, dalmatian, ventilation, standardization, prostration, notification, observation, desiccation, stimulation, propagation, elimination, pontification, deportation, adaptation, misinformation, harmonization, christianization, consecration, expropriation, revocation, pressurization, inflation, conciliation, crustacean, starvation, pagination, quotation, affrication, insulation, dilation, disembarkation, hybridization, discontinuation, deflation, proliferation, incubation, denomination, undervaluation, segmentation, radiation, prefabrication, aspiration, reinvigoration, constellation, collectivization, legislation, precipitation, horatian, desegregation, inhalation, duration, agglomeration, invitation, self-congratulation, visitation, correlation, compensation, confederation, bifurcation, syndication, congratulation, sarmatian, centralization, optimization, termination, investigation, denationalization, exhilaration, contamination, detonation, preoccupation, preservation, deliberation, education, medication, imitation, purification, identification, depravation, speculation, machination, motivation, redecoration, conservation, fragmentation, designation, revelation, deceleration, condemnation, formulation, interpretation, combination, ionization, affiliation, vibration, menstruation, assimilation, desalination, adulation, commendation, reconfirmation, adoration, backwardation, incrimination, vocation, relocation, alleviation, refutation, explication, predestination, consolidation, inactivation, nucleation, improvisation, orientation, indemnification, evaporation, sequestration, permutation, gradation, sterilization, constipation, depopulation;
  2. nation, station, haitian, ration;
  3. carnation, alsatian, cetacean, castration, causation, cessation, citation;
  4. abrogation, acclimation, aberration, abdication, accusation, activation;
  5. abomination, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, accommodation;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, acidification, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, americanization, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for strangulation:

Afrikaans word for Strangulation


Arabic word for Strangulation


Bengali word for Strangulation


French word for Strangulation


Hindi word for Strangulation

गला घोंटने.

Italian word for Strangulation


Japanese word for Strangulation


Malay word for Strangulation


Marathi word for Strangulation

गळा दाबणे.

Norwegian word for Strangulation


Polish word for Strangulation


Portuguese word for Strangulation


Romanian word for Strangulation


Spanish word for Strangulation


Swedish word for Strangulation


Vietnamese word for Strangulation

sự ngăn lại.