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This graph shows how "streak" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for streak:

  1. I commanded, very vexed; " They'll be hustlin' off our daughters on a streak o' lightnin', next!" –  by
  2. The " silver streak would have been little protection but for our naval supremacy, and in the future our security will depend as much upon superiority in the air as it has depended in the past upon our superiority at sea. –  by
  3. It was a boy, with a streak of blood down his face and neck, and his clothes stained by the weather. –  by

Quotes for streak:

  1. One of the symptoms of a losing streak is a turnover of top executives. It's a revolving door.
  2. If a woman hasn't got a tiny streak of harlot in her, she's a dry stick as a rule.
  3. There are all these scripts where the women, if they're working, are prostitutes and lawyers with an angry streak who'll kill you. It's a reaction to women leaving their men and men being angry about it and saying it on some subconscious level.
  4. When I'm in bars or clubs, it gets to the point where I feel I'm obliged to streak. It's not a problem.
  5. Even when I was very depressed, I could hold on to something. It seems that I have always had that streak of gold that I could hold on to.

Rhymes for streak:

  1. beak, bleak, cheek, chic, clique, creak, creek, freak, geek, greek, leak, leek, meek, peak, peek, pique, reek, seek, sheik, sheikh, shriek, sikh, sleek, sneak, speak, squeak, teak, tweak, weak, week, wreak, eke, cleek, zeke, teac, paek, seaq;
  2. antique, batik, belgique, bespeak, boutique, cacique, critique, mystique, oblique, physique, technique, unique, misspeak, respeak, tariq, henrique, monique;
  3. dominique, martinique, mozambique, veronique;
  4. geac;