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Spell Check of stretch

Correct spelling: stretch

Definition of stretch:

a straightaway section of a racetrack

Common misspellings:

  • strech (52%)
  • streach (21%)
  • strecth (8%)
  • streatch (7%)
  • stetch (2%)
  • strectch (2%)


  \s-tret-ch, st-re-tch\

Stretch as a boy's name.

Examples of usage:

1) Then did I stretch myself out on my rugs with a deep sigh of relief and allow Gertrud to fuss over me.

2) The shadows grew very long; the shadows of the rocks on the water looked as though they would stretch across to Thiessow before the sun had done with them.

3) How the little ones stretch up and grow tall and slender in their attempt to get the sunlight!

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