How To Spell structure?

Correct spelling: structure

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What is the definition of structure?

  1. give a structure to; "I need to structure my days"

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What are the rhymes for structure?

  1. restructure;
  2. infrastructure;

What are the translations for structure?

Afrikaans word for Structure


Arabic word for Structure


Chinese words for Structure

构架, 构造.

Dutch words for Structure

bouw, constructie, bouwwerk, gebouw, samenstelling, structuur, opbouw.

French word for Structure


German words for Structure

Rahmen, Anlage, aufbauen, Anordnung, Gliederung, Konstruktion, konstruieren, regeln, Aufbau, gliedern, Gerippe, Bauweise, Struktur, Gebilde, bauen, Bau, Zusammensetzung, strukturieren, Bauwerk, Textur, Baukörper, Bausubstanz, Organismus, Aufbauservice.

Greek word for Structure


Hindi word for Structure


Italian word for Structure


Japanese words for Structure

構造, 体制, 構造物, 構造体, ストラクチャー, 建造物, ストラクチャ, 構築物, こうぞうたい, きんこつ, けんぞうぶつ, すじぼね, きぼ, 骨幹, こうぞうぶつ, こっかん, こうちくぶつ, 筋骨.

Polish words for Structure

obiekt, struktura, budowa, konstrukcja, budowla.

Portuguese words for Structure

estrutura, edifício.

Romanian word for Structure


Russian word for Structure


Spanish words for Structure

sistema, estructura, estructurar, textura.

Ukrainian word for Structure


Vietnamese word for Structure

cơ cấu.