How To Spell struggle?

Correct spelling: struggle

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What are the rhymes for struggle?

  1. juggle, snuggle, smuggle;

What are the translations for struggle?

Afrikaans word for Struggle


Arabic word for Struggle


Bengali word for Struggle


Chinese word for Struggle


Dutch words for Struggle

strijd, kamp, zwoegen, slag, inspanning, gevecht, vechten, vechtpartij, worstelen, worsteling, krachtmeting.

French words for Struggle

lutte, combat, conflit, lutter, se débattre, avoir des difficultés, bagarre.

German words for Struggle

Widerstand, Anstrengung, streben, Kampf, Ringen, kämpfen, Auseinandersetzung, Gerangel, sich durchkämpfen, ankämpfen, sich abrackern, sich wehren, sich abquälen, strampeln, krebsen, Bataille.

Italian word for Struggle


Japanese words for Struggle

あがく, もみあい, 踠き, もがき, 揉み合い, 足掻く, 藻掻く, 踠く, 喘ぐ, 争闘, とりあい, 取り合い, ストラッグル, もがく, 取合い, 苦闘.

Korean word for Struggle


Malay word for Struggle


Norwegian word for Struggle


Polish words for Struggle

walka, zmaganie, szarpanina.

Portuguese words for Struggle

empenho, luta, conflito, dificuldade, lutar, ter dificuldades, briga, lutas, batalha, confronto, peleja, contenda, batalhar, debater-se, oferecer resistência, passar por dificuldades.

Russian words for Struggle

борьба, бороться, битва.

Spanish words for Struggle

batalla, combate, lucha, de lucha, luchar, esforzarse, forcejear, tener problemas, esfuerzo, disputa, pelea, conflicto, resistir, contienda, pugna, forcejeo, refriega, debatirse, moverse con dificultad, penar, embate.

Vietnamese word for Struggle

cuộc đấu tranh.