How To Spell stupid?

Correct spelling: stupid

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What does the abbreviation stupid mean?

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What are the rhymes for stupid?

  1. cupid;

What are the translations for stupid?

Arabic word for Stupid


Bengali word for Stupid


Dutch words for Stupid

bot, stom, onnozel, flauw, dwaas, achterlijk, stompzinnig.

French words for Stupid

con, stupide, ridicule, absurde, sot, balourd, nunuche.

German words for Stupid

Idiot, dumm, geistlos, albern, Dummkopf, unsinnig, blöd, Dom, bescheuert, doof, beknackt, Depp, damisch, blöde, deppert, unklug, idiotisch, tumb, dusslig.

Italian word for Stupid


Japanese words for Stupid

おろか, ばか, どう, 度, 愚昧, 間のび, ど, 愚純, のろい, 鈍臭い, 愚かしい, 迂愚, あほうくさい, しようもない, ずっこけ, 阿呆臭い, ふつつか, 仕様もない, 側か, 下らない, 間延び, ズッコケ, 仄か, まのび, くだらない.

Javanese word for Stupid


Korean word for Stupid


Malay word for Stupid


Norwegian word for Stupid


Romanian word for Stupid


Russian word for Stupid


Spanish words for Stupid

tonto, necio, absurdo, bobo, idiota, tontos, estúpidos, atontado, poco listo.

Turkish word for Stupid


Vietnamese word for Stupid

ngu xuẩn.