How To Spell subtle?

Correct spelling: subtle

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What is the definition of subtle?

  1. Crafty; cunning.

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What are the rhymes for subtle?

  1. what'll, suttle, tuttle, shuttle, scuttle;
  2. rebuttal, unsubtle;

What are the translations for subtle?

Afrikaans word for Subtle


Chinese words for Subtle

微妙, 微妙的, 精微, 奥妙, 朕.

Dutch words for Subtle

fijn, subtiel, verfijnd, fijnzinnig.

French words for Subtle

discret, perspicace, levé, fine.

German words for Subtle

zart, schwierig, scharf, raffiniert, fein, subtil, dezent, feinsinnig, haarfein, spitzfindig, schleichend, scharfsinnig, ausgetüftelt.

Italian word for Subtle


Japanese word for Subtle


Javanese word for Subtle


Malay word for Subtle


Polish words for Subtle

subtelne, delikatne, nieznaczny, subtelny.

Portuguese words for Subtle

ligeiro, sutis, subtis, astuta, vaporosa.

Russian words for Subtle

тонкий, утончённый, неуловимый, хитроумный, вкрадчивый, едва различимый.

Spanish words for Subtle

delicado, suave, fino, astuto, discreto, sutil, sutiles, velado.

Tamil word for Subtle


Turkish word for Subtle


Vietnamese word for Subtle

tinh vi.