How To Spell suggest?

Correct spelling: suggest

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What is the definition of suggest?

  1. make a proposal, declare a plan for something

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What are the translations for suggest?

Arabic word for Suggest


Chinese words for Suggest

表明, 荐言.

Dutch words for Suggest

stel, voorstellen, opwerpen, aanbevelen, aanraden, suggereren, opperen, op duiden, doen vermoeden.

French words for Suggest

montrer, signaler, indiquer, insinuer, recommander, proposer.

German words for Suggest

behaupten, unterstellen, unterbreiten, empfehlen, vorschlagen, suggerieren, hinweisen, auf hindeuten, vorbringen, nahelegen, anregen, auf schließen lassen, andeuten, auf anspielen, in Vorschlag bringen, einflüstern.

Greek word for Suggest


Hindi word for Suggest

सुझाव है.

Italian word for Suggest


Japanese words for Suggest

ほのめかす, サジェスト, もうしいれる, 申し入れる, 匂わす, におわす.

Javanese word for Suggest


Malay word for Suggest


Portuguese words for Suggest

apontar, aconselhar, propor, dizer, indiciar.

Romanian word for Suggest

a sugera.

Russian word for Suggest

намекать на.

Spanish words for Suggest

implicar, indicar, plantear, recomendar, aconsejar, afirmar, proponer, sugerir, insinuar, evocar, parecer indicar.

Tamil word for Suggest


Vietnamese word for Suggest

gợi ý.