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What are the rhymes for suit?

  1. cute, bute, brute, boot, hoot, shute, coot, chute, mute, flute, lute, stroot, scoot, moot, loot, fruit, newt, butte, boote, toot, knute, huette, brut, root, jute, truitt, shoot, route;
  2. commute, permute, compute, pursuit, repute, uproot, astute, minute, recruit, beirut, refute, dispute, salute, reroute, cahoot, pollute, dilute, acute, impute;
  3. disrepute, subacute;

What are the translations for suit?

Afrikaans word for Suit


Albanian word for Suit


Arabic word for Suit


Chinese words for Suit

满足, 一套衣服.

Dutch words for Suit

kostuum, bij passen, aanstaan, voegen, mantelpak, voor geschikt zijn.

French words for Suit

aller, convenir, convenir à, complet, procès, costume, couleur, tailleur, poursuite, servir, combinaison.

German words for Suit

Anzug, Klage, passen, verfahren, Prozess, entsprechen, Garnitur, Heiratsantrag, Gerichtsverfahren, Gerichtsprozess, sich für eignen, gelegen kommen, Rechtsstreit, Kostüm, Klageverfahren, Tracht, Dress.

Greek word for Suit


Hindi word for Suit


Japanese words for Suit

スーツ, 似合う, 気にいる, 釣合う, きにいる, 心にかなう, 心に染む, こころにそむ, てきす, につく, きにそむ, 似付く, 気に入る, 一重ね, こころにかなう, 心に叶う, 心に適なう, 似つく, ひとかさね.

Javanese word for Suit


Malay word for Suit


Polish words for Suit

dopasować się, powództwo, pozew, kombinezon, skafander, kostium, strój, garsonka.

Portuguese words for Suit

combinar com, terno, naipe, processo, ação judicial, adequar-se a, servir a, fato.

Romanian word for Suit


Russian words for Suit

отвечать, быть к лицу, годиться.

Spanish words for Suit

cumplir, ajustar, conjunto, ajustarse, favorecer, completo, adaptar, adaptarse, juicio, demanda, traje, palo, pleito, proceso, malla, vestir, adecuarse.

Swedish word for Suit


Vietnamese word for Suit

bộ com lê.