How To Spell sum?

Correct spelling: sum

What is the definition of sum?

  1. the whole amount

What does the abbreviation sum mean?

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What are the usage examples for sum?

  1. Now, this young woman has offered to pay a good round sum for it, and take it just as it is. – An Alabaster Box by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley
  2. That is a very large sum – A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties by Charles Major
  3. " You have got to take the sum of your policy. – The Turnstile by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  4. I believe it would fetch a good round sum – The Adventures of Roderick Random by Tobias Smollett
  5. He promised to give him five pounds- a large sum for a black- fellow, in those days- for any piece of gold he should bring in, no matter how small. – The Boy With the U.S. Miners by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  6. He gave her this sum – Queens of the French Stage by H. Noel Williams
  7. Without a word, but carefully, she counted the sum said " It is enough!" – Seven Legends by Gottfried Keller
  8. And what was to be given in exchange for this nice sum of money? – A Hungarian Nabob by Maurus Jókai
  9. The minister shook him by the hand, and sat down cheerfully, and soon put daylight through the " sum – Queer Stories for Boys and Girls by Edward Eggleston
  10. He cannot spend a week in reading up a subject for the sum of 3l. – The Intellectual Life by =Philip Gilbert Hamerton

What are the rhymes for sum?

  1. dumm, plumb, umm, dumb, swum, gumm, chum, crumb, clum, slum, from, lumm, stum, gum, come, gmbh, mum, humm, rum, some, grum, um, bum, maam, lum, hum, strum, thum, yum, plum, mumm, drum, thumb, lumb, numb, glum, scum, dum, crum;
  2. succumb, alum, become;

What are the translations for sum?

Chinese words for Sum

款项, 金额, 数额, 款额.

Danish word for Sum


Dutch words for Sum

totaal, geheel, hoeveelheid, samenvatting, resultaat, optellen, bedrag, berekening, optelsom, samentellen.

French words for Sum

prix, montant, somme, addition, calcul, quota, montante.

German words for Sum

Ergebnis, Betrag, Rechnung, Summe, Geldbetrag, Saldo, Kern, total, Chiffre, Rechenaufgabe.

Greek word for Sum


Hindi word for Sum


Italian words for Sum

importo, somma, ammontare.

Japanese words for Sum

和, サム, 金高, きんだか, 合計.

Javanese word for Sum


Korean word for Sum


Latin word for Sum


Malay word for Sum


Marathi word for Sum


Polish words for Sum

kwota, sumka, sum.

Portuguese words for Sum

verba, totalidade, quantia, produto, soma, somatório.

Romanian word for Sum


Spanish words for Sum

precio, valor, cantidad, monto, importe, totalidad, cifra, suma.

Tamil word for Sum


Turkish word for Sum


Ukrainian word for Sum


Vietnamese word for Sum

tổng số.