How To Spell superior?

Correct spelling: superior

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What is the definition of superior?

  1. a town in northwest Wisconsin on Lake Superior across from Duluth

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What are the usage examples for superior?

  1. It was not very much that I could buy, but I got flour at other shops which was of superior quality. – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie

What are the rhymes for superior?

  1. interior, exterior, ulterior, inferior, anterior;

What are the translations for superior?

Arabic word for Superior


Chinese words for Superior

上司, 高明, 优胜, 高人一等, 优越的.

Dutch words for Superior

hoogwaardig, meerdere, leidinggevende, uitstekend, voortreffelijk, hoger, buitengewoon, verwaand, uit de hoogte, onovertroffen, hooghartig, overste, opperste.

French words for Superior

Baas, exceptionnel, supérieur, meilleur, superviseur.

German words for Superior

besser, Vorgesetzter, Vorgesetzte, Chef, oberer, hochstehend, übermächtig, übergeordnet, vorgesetzt, oberständig, hochgestellt, Obere, Oberin, arrogant, Beter.

Greek word for Superior


Italian words for Superior

superiore, eccezionale.

Japanese words for Superior

優良, より良い, 優, 目上, 凌駕, 陵駕, よりよい, 上役, 芳醇, 先輩, せんぱい, うわやく, 一廉, ひとかど, りょうが, ほうじゅん, 芳潤, いっかど, めうえ.

Javanese word for Superior


Norwegian word for Superior


Polish words for Superior

najwyższy, lepszy, najlepszy.

Russian words for Superior

высший, больший, надменный.

Spanish word for Superior


Swedish word for Superior


Turkish word for Superior