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How To Spell supersede?

Correct spelling: supersede

Definition of supersede:

  1. To displace, or set aside, and put another in place of; as, to supersede an officer.

List of misspellings for supersede:

  • suposed,
  • suppoused,
  • supposadly,
  • superiod,
  • suposte,
  • supposedd,
  • suppposedly,
  • stepside,
  • supased,
  • supersmart,
  • suppriesed,
  • sepersate,
  • suppposed,
  • supposedto,
  • superfood,
  • superseeding,
  • supirsed,
  • surpiesed,
  • suppoesed,
  • soposed,
  • surpsised,
  • suppoesd,
  • surptised,
  • supperheat,
  • suppsedly,
  • supposeidly,
  • superceded,
  • supersides,
  • serpresed,
  • supposedy,
  • supprised,
  • supposid,
  • suipposed,
  • superceed,
  • superceeds,
  • seperete,
  • supressed,
  • superceds,
  • surpresed,
  • supercide,
  • supossedly,
  • suppoosed,
  • suspossed,
  • supresed,
  • superscedes,
  • supersead,
  • suprised,
  • soppesed,
  • suppised,
  • issupposed,
  • supposidy,
  • superseed,
  • suceede,
  • supposide,
  • suppsoed,
  • suprrised,
  • suprisied,
  • suppoised,
  • souposed,
  • supercided,
  • supposeded,
  • supposdly,
  • superised,
  • seperaste,
  • superspeed,
  • supoosed,
  • suppopsed,
  • opersuade,
  • suppiosed,
  • supercenter,
  • sapossed,
  • surpaseed,
  • supossed,
  • superseede,
  • suposid,
  • suposedly,
  • susposed,
  • surpirsed,
  • supevised,
  • surpirzed,
  • supercede,
  • supersized,
  • susperstore,
  • supurised,
  • suppsed,
  • serverside,
  • spossed,
  • supposeldy,
  • supercedes,
  • spresed,
  • surprsed,
  • supopsed,
  • suuposed,
  • superceeded,
  • suppsoedly,
  • superseeds,
  • supersoft,
  • suppused,
  • supprsed,
  • surpersied.

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Quotes for supersede:

  1. For flavor, instant sex will never supersede the stuff you have to peel and cook.
  2. I shall not be satisfied unless I produce something which shall for a few days supersede the last fashionable novel on the tables of young ladies.

Rhymes for supersede:

  1. impede, misread, heed, snead, wied, teed, creed, fede, bead, bleed, cede, proceed, plead, mislead, screed, misdeed, read, brede, stampede, greed, speed, freed, reseed, waleed, hamid, nead, walid, precede, leed, deed, weed, lipide, recede, sneed, saeed, knead, she'd, mead, rashid, keyed, succeed, kneed, tweed, bede, steed, secede, lead, reid, need, friede, feed, rasheed, meade, swede, indeed, dede, breed, reed, seed, fried, he'd, reread, ede, shaheed, skied, we'd;
  2. agreed, decreed, gilead, concede, accede, elide, degreed, exceed;
  3. intercede, disagreed, guaranteed, aristide, overfeed;

Translations for supersede:

Afrikaans word for Supersede


Arabic word for Supersede


Bengali word for Supersede

রহিত করা.

French words for Supersede

dominer, remplacer, se substituer à, l'emporter sur, annuler, supplanter, avoir préséance sur, prendre le pas sur, prendre l'avantage sur.

German words for Supersede

ersetzen, überflüssig machen, an die Stelle treten, Erstatter.

Hindi word for Supersede


Italian word for Supersede


Javanese word for Supersede


Korean word for Supersede


Malay word for Supersede


Polish word for Supersede


Portuguese words for Supersede

ultrapassar, substituir.

Romanian word for Supersede


Russian word for Supersede


Spanish words for Supersede

superar, sustituir, reemplazar, suplantar, desbancar.

Tamil word for Supersede


Turkish word for Supersede

yerini almak.

Ukrainian word for Supersede


Vietnamese word for Supersede

bỏ qua một bên.