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How To Spell support?

Correct spelling: support

List of misspellings for support:

  • suppoer,
  • suposto,
  • dupport,
  • suppoert,
  • suppor,
  • spports,
  • suppoters,
  • suppeona,
  • surpast,
  • supporteer,
  • suport,
  • techsupport,
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What does the abbreviation support mean?

Related words for support

Code of Support Foundation


Nonprofit organization

The Code of Support Foundation is a U.S. nonprofit organization that provides assistance to military service members, veterans and their families, many of whom face multiple and complex challenges.

Fleet Support Limited



Fleet Support Limited is a British company formed to run HMNB Portsmouth's Fleet Maintenance and Repair Organisation on a commercial basis. The FMRO was an agency of the Ministry of Defence responsible for repair and maintenance of Royal Navy vessels.

Support Force Glacier


Glacier in Antarctica

Support Force Glacier is a major glacier in the Pensacola Mountains, draining northward between the Forrestal Range and Argentina Range to the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf.

The Support Center


Not-for-profit organization

The Support Center is a not-for-profit organization and a community development financial institution, based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Worldwide Support for Development


Not-for-profit organization

Worldwide Support for Development is a not for profit organization in Japan.

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Rhymes for support:

  1. snort, swart, mort, tort, court, ct, report, short, torte, port, dort, cort, bort, thwart, transport, resort, import, wart, ort, stuart, sport, kort, forte, extort, fort, ohrt, porte, boart, norte, foret, sort, exhort, quart, escort, purport;
  2. consort, cavort, deport, comport, contort, distort, abort, assort, athwart;
  3. misreport, teleport;
  4. underreport;

Translations for support:

Afrikaans word for Support


Dutch words for Support

ondersteuning, steun, hulp, bijstand, ondersteunen, steunen, onderhouden, dragen, bijstaan, staven, helpen, bescherming, stutten, draagvlak.

French word for Support


German words for Support

Unterstützung, Betreuung, Halt, Support, Hilfe, Stütze, Träger, Beistand, Unterlage, stützen, tragen, befürworten, Begleiten, Begleitung, Stärkung, Zustimmung, Hilfestellung, Abstützung, Stützung, Auflage, Halterung, Rückhalt, Lager, Schützenhilfe, Sympathie, Unterhalt, Halter, Auflager, Rückendeckung, Befürwortung, Untermauerung, Zutun, Betreuung von Kunden, Chassisträger, Absteifung, Abstützwinkel, sich einsetzen, helfen, begünstigen, vertreten, abstützen, unterhalten, ernähren, hinter stehen, lagern, bekräftigen, Hilfestellung leisten, unterbauen, durchbringen.

Italian words for Support

appoggio, assistenza, supporto, finanziamento, aiuto.

Javanese word for Support


Korean word for Support


Malay word for Support


Polish words for Support

pomoc, wsparcie, podstawa, wspornik, oparcie, poparcie, podparcie, podtrzymywanie, wspomaganie, podpora.

Portuguese word for Support


Romanian word for Support


Spanish word for Support


Turkish word for Support