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Correct spelling: support

Common misspellings for support:

surport, supost, suppost, stupport, suppst, suppourt.


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Examples of usage for support:

  1. Support and sustain alike signify to hold up or keep up, to prevent from falling or sinking; but sustain has a special sense of continuous exertion or of great strength continuously exerted, as when we speak of sustained endeavor or a sustained note; a flower is supported by the stem or a temple- roof by arches; the foundations of a great building sustain an enormous pressure; to sustain life implies a greater exigency and need than to support life; to say one is sustained under affliction is to say more both of the severity of the trial and the completeness of the upholding than if we say he is supported. To bear is the most general word, denoting all holding up or keeping up of any object, whether in rest or motion; in the derived senses it refers to something that is a tax upon strength or endurance; as, to bear a strain; to bear pain or grief. To maintain is to keep in a state or condition, especially in an excellent and desirable condition; as, to maintain health or reputation; to maintain one's position; to maintain a cause or proposition is to hold it against opposition or difficulty. To support may be partial, to maintain is complete; maintain is a word of more dignity than support a man supports his family; a state maintains an army or navy. To prop is always partial, signifying to add support to something that is insecure. Compare ABET; ENDURE; KEEP. –  by
  2. After my father had to leave the bank last fall, Teddy had to be our chief support just on his eighteen a week. –  by
  3. She felt confident of the support of her father in the position she had taken. –  by

Rhymes for support:

  1. court, ct, escort, exhort, extort, fort, forte, import, port, purport, quart, report, resort, short, snort, sort, sport, stuart, swart, thwart, tort, torte, transport, wart, bort, mort, ort, porte, cort, kort, boart, dort, foret, ohrt, norte;
  2. abort, assort, athwart, cavort, comport, consort, contort, deport, distort;
  3. misreport, teleport;
  4. underreport;