How To Spell surely?

Correct spelling: surely

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What is the definition of surely?

  1. Certainly.

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This graph shows how "surely" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for surely?

  1. purely, poorly;
  2. securely, demurely;
  3. prematurely;

What are the translations for surely?

Afrikaans word for Surely


Arabic word for Surely


Dutch words for Surely

toch, zeker, ongetwijfeld, uiteraard, allicht, beslist, voorzeker, immers, stellig.

French words for Surely

vraiment, absolument, parfaitement, sûrement, certainement, certes, manifestement, indubitablement.

German words for Surely

doch, wohl, gewiss, sicher, bestimmt, sicherlich.

Greek word for Surely


Italian words for Surely

certamente, sicuramente.

Japanese words for Surely

きっと, まさしく, よもや, さだめし, 嘸かし, 正しく, 相違なく, ちかって, さぞや, 誓って, さこそ, 定めし, そういなく, 慥かに, 然こそ, 必ずや.

Javanese word for Surely


Malay word for Surely


Norwegian word for Surely


Polish word for Surely


Portuguese words for Surely

com certeza, com toda a certeza.

Romanian word for Surely


Spanish words for Surely

absolutamente, definitivamente, indudablemente, seguramente, sin duda, ciertamente.

Turkish words for Surely

şekerlik, elbette.

Vietnamese word for Surely

một cách chắc chắn.