How To Spell surface?

Correct spelling: surface

What is the definition of surface?

  1. put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface; "coat the cake with chocolate"

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What are the usage examples for surface?

  1. But who can tell what there may have been before beneath the surface – The Countess of Albany by Violet Paget (AKA Vernon Lee)

What are the rhymes for surface?

  1. resurface;

What are the translations for surface?

Afrikaans word for Surface


Arabic word for Surface


Bengali word for Surface


Chinese words for Surface

表面, 地表, 表面上, 表层, 水面, 外面, 皮面.

Dutch words for Surface

vlak, oppervlak, buitenkant, buitenzijde.

French words for Surface

superficie, surgir, couche, émerger, surface.

German words for Surface

belegen, Decke, auftauchen, Belag, Außenfläche, Oberseite, an die Oberfläche kommen, mit einem Belag versehen, hochkommen, pflastern.

Greek word for Surface


Hindi word for Surface


Japanese words for Surface

表面, 面, サーフェス, サーフェイス, 上面, 上部, サーフィス, 浮き出す, おも, じょうめん, ちじょう, うわがわ, 浮び出る, 上っ面, うわ, 浮出る, 浮かび出る, 浮出す, ひょうそう, 外面的, うかびでる, 上辺, 浮き出る, うわつら, ひょうめん, うきだす, がいめんてき, 上側, もて.

Malay word for Surface


Norwegian word for Surface


Polish words for Surface

powierzchnia, nawierzchnia, wierzch.

Portuguese words for Surface

emergir, superfície, de superfície, terrestres, tona.

Russian words for Surface

поверхность, поверхностный, выныривать, всплывать, выниривать.

Spanish words for Surface

salir, revestir, aparecer, piso, superficial, cara, de superficie, de la superficie, salir a la superficie, asfaltar, aflorar, pavimento.

Swedish word for Surface


Tamil word for Surface


Turkish word for Surface


Ukrainian word for Surface