How To Spell surprising?

Correct spelling: surprising

What is the definition of surprising?

  1. causing surprise or wonder or amazement; "the report shows a surprising lack of hard factual data"; "leaped up with surprising agility"; "she earned a surprising amount of money"

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What are the rhymes for surprising?

  1. uprising;
  2. rising, sizing;
  3. revising, chastising, arising, devising, disguising, comprising, advising;
  4. unsurprising;
  5. sensationalizing, decriminalizing;

What are the translations for surprising?

Afrikaans word for Surprising


Chinese word for Surprising


Dutch words for Surprising

verbazingwekkend, verrassend, ongewoon, verwonderlijk, verbazend.

French words for Surprising

curieux, inhabituel, insolite, inattendu, surprenant, bizarre.

German words for Surprising

verwunderlich, erstaunlich, verwundernd.

Greek word for Surprising


Hindi word for Surprising

आश्चर्य की बात.

Japanese words for Surprising

意外, 驚くべき, あいた口が塞がらぬ, あいた口も塞がらぬ, 開いた口が塞がらぬ, 思いの外, あいたくちがふさがらぬ, あいたくちもふさがらぬ, 開いた口も塞がらぬ.

Javanese word for Surprising


Malay word for Surprising


Norwegian word for Surprising


Portuguese words for Surprising

extraordinário, surpreendente.

Spanish words for Surprising

asombroso, sorprendente, repentino, inesperado, sorprendentes, sorpresivo, sorpresiva.

Swedish word for Surprising


Vietnamese word for Surprising

làm ngạc nhiên.