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How To Spell sweep?

Correct spelling: sweep

Definition of sweep:

  1. winning all or all but one of the tricks in bridge

List of misspellings for sweep:

  • wheep,
  • aweep,
  • sweept,
  • ssweet,
  • swewp,
  • swesp,
  • sweapt,
  • saweep,
  • swel,
  • swdep,
  • ceepy,
  • sweey,
  • sabo,
  • sbye,
  • swerp,
  • swete,
  • sweeze,
  • swrep,
  • swype,
  • swere,
  • swe4p,
  • swey,
  • swe3p,
  • eweep,
  • sabove,
  • swedp,
  • sweeped,
  • speeh,
  • swoopy,
  • poweup,
  • sweped,
  • sweeth,
  • sw3ep,
  • swypeer,
  • swiper,
  • sweeny,
  • esweep,
  • sabbey,
  • swaop,
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  • swweet,
  • speep,
  • zwecke,
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  • seelp,
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  • sweeti,
  • s few,
  • sweer,
  • sewege.

What does the abbreviation sweep mean?

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Rolex Sweep

Sweep Me Away

Sweep of Days


Album by Blue Foundation

Sweep of Days is the second full-length album released by Danish alternative rock group Blue Foundation. It was released in 2004 by Virgin Denmark.

Sweep Over My Soul


Album by Luciano

Format: Compact Disc Guest Artists: Morgan Heritage; Sly Dunbar Stereo: Stereo Pieces in Set: 1 Catalog #: 1546 Desc: Performer

Tom Sweep


1992 film

Tom Sweep is an animated short film made by Michaël Dudok de Wit in 1992.

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This graph shows how "sweep" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for sweep:

  1. But how did they learn, all at once, of the coming of an enemy whose march is noiseless as the sweep of a shadow? – Ways of Wood Folk by William J. Long
  2. During those minutes, the Portsmouth had ample opportunity given her to swing around and sweep swiftly out of danger. – Ahead of the Army by W. O. Stoddard

Rhymes for sweep:

  1. diep, heap, leep, cheap, leap, peep, bleep, streep, weep, seep, jeep, reep, veep, seip, eap, sepe, sheep, deep, creep, steep, lepe, beep, keep, sleep, reap;
  2. asleep, felipe, bopeep;

Translations for sweep:

Afrikaans words for Sweep

bereik, sweep.

Arabic word for Sweep


Bengali word for Sweep


Chinese words for Sweep

扫频, 掠, 清扫, 扫荡, 席卷.

Dutch words for Sweep

vegen, aanvegen, bezemen, veeg, zwaai, schoonvegen, opvegen.

French words for Sweep

basculer, emporter, balayage, balayer, ramoner, courbe, barrer, coup de balai.

German words for Sweep

streichen, durchsuchen, Bogen, Schwung, fegen, kehren, Schornsteinfeger, ausfegen, wegkehren, auskehren, dahin sausen, Zeitablenkung.

Hindi word for Sweep


Italian words for Sweep

spazzata, spazzare.

Japanese word for Sweep


Javanese word for Sweep


Korean word for Sweep


Malay word for Sweep


Marathi word for Sweep


Norwegian word for Sweep


Portuguese words for Sweep

batida, varrer.

Romanian word for Sweep

a mătura.

Russian word for Sweep


Spanish words for Sweep

recorrer, curva, volar, barrido, deshollinador, arrasar, manotazo, erradicar, vencer, rozar, destruir, sopa, rastreo, barrida, deshollinadora, escobar, pasar rápidamente, deshollinar.

Tamil word for Sweep


Turkish word for Sweep


Ukrainian word for Sweep