How To Spell swift?

Correct spelling: swift

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What is the definition of swift?

  1. moving very fast; "fleet of foot"; "the fleet scurrying of squirrels"; "a swift current"; "swift flight of an arrow"; "a swift runner"

What does the abbreviation swift mean?

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This graph shows how "swift" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for swift?

  1. shrift, thrift, gift, rift, stiffed, sift, clift, sniffed, lift, miffed, drift, tift, shift;
  2. adrift;

What are the translations for swift?

Afrikaans word for Swift


Arabic word for Swift


Dutch words for Swift

snel, vlug, gierzwaluw, spoedig, gezwind.

French words for Swift

véloce, rapides.

German words for Swift

schnell, rasch, prompt, rasant, rapide, geschwind, umgehend, flink, hurtig.

Italian word for Swift


Javanese word for Swift


Malay word for Swift


Polish words for Swift

szybki, prędki.

Portuguese words for Swift

imediato, rápido, ligeiro, expedito, ligeiros, céleres, bruscas, expedita.

Russian words for Swift

стриж, быстрое.

Spanish words for Swift

ágil, veloz, vencejo.

Swedish word for Swift


Ukrainian word for Swift


Vietnamese word for Swift