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Correct spelling: swiss

Definition of swiss:

  1. A native of Switzerland: the language of Switzerland.

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This graph shows how "swiss" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for swiss:

  1. Are you not ready now to say that the Swiss are right in not permitting tree cutting upon any land except under the supervision of a forester? –  by
  2. There was a picnic on a Swiss lake. –  by
  3. He was one of those exquisitely skilled French workmen who had done so much for the advancement of science in their own country, and who, when driven into exile, made the fortune of the people among whom they sought refuge, notably the Swiss –  by

Rhymes for swiss:

  1. bliss, dis, gris, hiss, kiss, miss, remiss, sis, suisse, bis, kris, liss, risse, rys, this, vis, wis, diss, pris, chris, gillis, kriss, chriss, cris, lis, cysts, persists, resists, lists, fis, wiss, kis, biss, flis, fiss, riss, stys, insists;
  2. abyss, amiss, dismiss, assists, exists, enlists, consists;
  3. reminisce;