How To Spell table?

Correct spelling: table

What is the definition of table?

  1. food or meals in general; "she sets a fine table"; "room and board"

What does the abbreviation table mean?

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What are the rhymes for table?

  1. kable, label, stable, mabel, hable, stabile, mable, sable;
  2. abel, cable, able, gable, abell, fable;
  3. unable, disable, enable, unstable, mislabel;

What are the translations for table?

Arabic word for Table


Bengali word for Table


Chinese words for Table

桌, 表格, 餐桌, 桌上, 桌案, 几案, 肵.

Dutch word for Table


French words for Table

reporter, ajourner, classement, table, tablée, classifier.

German words for Table

Aufstellung, Liste, Verzeichnis, Tabelle, verschieben, Tafel, aufschieben, verlegen, Bord, vertagen, Tisch, Tableau, Tafelrunde, Tischrunde, Sims, zurück stellen, in Tabellenform zusammenstellen, Mensa.

Hindi word for Table


Italian words for Table

tabella, tavola, prospetto, tavolo, tavolino, piano di lavoro.

Japanese words for Table

テーブル, 卓, はやみ, 時刻表, たくし, 早見, ターフル, 几, じこくひょう, おしまずき, 卓子.

Korean word for Table


Malay word for Table


Marathi word for Table


Polish words for Table

stół, zestawienie, stolik, tablica, tabliczka mnożenia, tabelka.

Portuguese words for Table

quadro, tabela, apresentar, painel.

Russian words for Table

стол, таблица, столовый, застольный.

Spanish words for Table

presentar, tablero, tabla, cuadro, mesa, de mesa, tabular.

Turkish word for Table


Ukrainian word for Table