How To Spell tail?

Correct spelling: tail

What is the definition of tail?

  1. remove or shorten the tail of an animal

What does the abbreviation tail mean?

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What are the rhymes for tail?

  1. sale, kale, gael, shale, calle, vail, sail, reil, kail, grail, quail, haile, nale, balle, gail, quale, jail, zale, gaile, dail, stale, ail, vaile, salle, crail, wail, gale, hale, vale, bail, cail, gayle, they'll, whale, ale, snail, scale, daile, maile, flail, tale, veil, fail, nail, wale, rail, male, raile, rael, braille, trail, dayle, kael, cale, yale, bale, hail, dale, frail, pale, pail, mail;
  2. travail, impale, exhale, derail, bewail, entail, prevail, inhale, dorrell, gorrell, capell, cadell, surveil, levell, jerrell, detail, lavell, jarrell, verrell, unveil, ancell, tirrell, assail, mikhail, marcell, mikael, avail, cardell, curtail, carrell, carvell;
  3. avenell, averell, deverell;

What are the translations for tail?

Arabic word for Tail


Chinese words for Tail

尾, 尾巴, 尾翼, 机尾, 尾部, 焊尾, 码长, 彗尾, 蹑迹.

Dutch words for Tail

staart, coda.

French words for Tail

bout, suivre, filer, traîne, prendre en filature, pan, hâle.

German words for Tail

Spiel, Ende, Rest, Heck, Queue, Zipfel, Schwanz, Schweif, Hals, Schwanzflosse, Fluke, Ausläufer, Hemdzipfel, Beschatter, Stert, Bürzel, Sterz, Cola.

Hindi word for Tail


Japanese words for Tail

テール, 尾翼, テイル, 尾部, びじょう, しりっぽ, 尾っぽ, おっぽ, びぶ, 尾状, 尻っぽ, びよく.

Javanese word for Tail


Malay word for Tail


Portuguese word for Tail


Russian words for Tail

хвост, хвостовой, хвостик, косичка, попутный.

Spanish words for Tail

trasero, rabo, faldón.

Swedish words for Tail

ögon, svans.

Turkish word for Tail


Vietnamese word for Tail

cái đuôi.