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How To Spell taiwanese?

Correct spelling: taiwanese

List of misspellings for taiwanese:

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Related words for taiwanese

Chinese Taipei national badminton team


The Chinese Taipei national badminton team is a badminton team that represents the Republic of China in international badminton team competitions.

Lu Kun-chi


Soccer goalkeeper

Lu Kun-chi is a Taiwanese football goalkeeper. Nicknamed Taiwanese Buffon, he is the first choice goalkeeper in the Chinese Taipei national football team.

Ming Chuan University F.C.


Soccer club

Ming Chuan University FC is an association football club from Taiwan. They play at the highest division of Taiwan and their home venue is Taipei Municipal Stadium. This stadium has a capacity of 20,000.

Taiwan Provincial Stadium


Stadium in Taichung, Taiwan

Taiwan Provincial Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Taichung, Taiwan. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium is able to hold 30,000 people and was opened in 1950.

Yunlin County Stadium


Stadium in Douliu, Taiwan

The Yunlin County Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Dounan Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan. The stadium is able to hold 10,000 people.

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Rhymes for taiwanese:

  1. pease, gies, saez, glees, liese, seize, bes, cees, flees, meis, skis, pleas, deas, crees, reis, trees, sneeze, kees, please, mees, knees, dees, friese, keys, these, geez, beas, keyes, bees, keas, squeeze, feese, nees, z's, fees, neis, threes, ease, mease, seas, wheeze, lees, fleas, tees, sies, frieze, teas, freeze, leas, she's, reas, vees, breeze, sleaze, breese, neas, preis, peas, deis, hees, neese, frees, jeez, tease, cheese, sees, rees, sprees;
  2. pawnees, belize, degrees, chinese, disease, maltese, appease, ortiz, reprise, agrees, decrees, unease, trapeze, scorsese, burmese, lessees, aziz, foresees, andries, cadiz, trainees, draftees, trustees, louise, jaycees, displease, rupees, chemise, cds;
  3. licensees, sinhalese, siamese, guaranties, inductees, timorese, honorees, overseas, referees, sudanese, nepalese, designees, enrollees, japanese, ccs, detainees, devotees, enlistees, amputees, retirees, expertise, javanese, conferees, disagrees, nominees, internees, cantonese, absentees, journalese, annamese, returnees, guarantees, appointees, franchisees, escapees, balinese;
  4. abts, stds, interviewees, indochinese;

Translations for taiwanese:

Arabic word for Taiwanese


Bengali word for Taiwanese


Chinese word for Taiwanese


French word for Taiwanese


German words for Taiwanese

Taiwan, taiwanesisch.

Greek word for Taiwanese


Hindi word for Taiwanese


Javanese word for Taiwanese


Korean word for Taiwanese


Marathi word for Taiwanese


Norwegian word for Taiwanese


Polish word for Taiwanese


Portuguese word for Taiwanese

relativo ao Taiwan.

Romanian word for Taiwanese


Russian word for Taiwanese


Spanish word for Taiwanese


Swedish word for Taiwanese


Turkish word for Taiwanese


Ukrainian word for Taiwanese


Vietnamese word for Taiwanese

thuộc nước/người Đài Loan.