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Correct spelling: takes


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This graph shows how "takes" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for takes:

  1. One takes care not to see them too often, or to be alone with them for too long together. "Night and Day" , Virginia Woolf.
  2. No one takes the least notice of him. "Hodge and His Masters" , Richard Jefferies.
  3. " Yes," he said, " a many years back- that takes one. "The Devil's Garden" , W. B. Maxwell.

Quotes for takes:

  1. Terrorism takes us back to ages we thought were long gone if we allow it a free hand to corrupt democratic societies and destroy the basic rules of international life. - Jacques Chirac
  2. Marlon Brando said any guy can become an actor. It takes a real man to quit. - Clifton Davis
  3. Materialism has never been so ominous as now in North America, as management takes over. - Arthur Erickson
  4. The story is also about the battle between Arthur and the Saxons. The Saxons were destroying everything they came across and Arthur was left when Rome was falling because this movie takes place in 400 A. D. - Antoine Fuqua
  5. I've found even after nearly 30 years of doing this, there are all kinds of new surprises that rear their heads at various times and I truly believe that 51% of the images, success takes place in the darkroom. - John Sexton

Idioms for takes:

  1. have what it takes
  2. It takes two to make a bargain.
  3. God takes soonest those he loveth best
  4. It takes two to make a quarrel.
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