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How To Spell tall?

Correct spelling: tall

Definition of tall:

  1. lofty in style; "he engages in so much tall talk, one never really realizes what he is saying"

List of misspellings for tall:

  • talbe,
  • telln,
  • hall,
  • takle,
  • terll,
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  • youall,
  • tawol,
  • atuly,
  • tll,
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What does the abbreviation tall mean?

Related words for tall

Tall al-Ajjul


Archaeological site

Tall al-Ajjul or Tell el-'Ajul is an archaeological mound or tell in the Gaza Strip. The fortified city excavated at the site dates as far back ca. 2000-1800 B.C. and was inhabited during the Bronze Age. It is located at the mouth of Wadi Ghazzah just south of the town of Gaza.

Tall Sarbani


Village in Iran

Tall Sarbani is a village in Hana Rural District, Abadeh Tashk District, Neyriz County, Fars Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 236, in 56 families.

Tall Ship Chronicles


Television series

Tall Ship Chronicles was a television series produced in Canada in 2001 and 2002. It followed the training of Canadian journalist and actor Andrew Younghusband on an 18-month sail training voyage around the World, on the barque Picton Castle.

Tall Soleymani



Tall Soleymani is a village in Rostaq Rural District, Rostaq District, Darab County, Fars Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 48, in 10 families.

Zuran Tall


Zorantel is a village in Afrineh Rural District, Mamulan District, Pol-e Dokhtar County, Lorestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 372, in 91 families.

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Quotes for tall:

  1. And I've come to the place where I believe that there's no way to solve these problems, these issues- there's nothing that we can do that will solve the problems that we have and keep the peace, unless we solve it through God, unless we solve it in being our highest self. And that's a pretty tall order.
  2. I knew the words to 25 rock songs, so I got in the group. Long Tall Sally and Tutti -Frutti, that got me in. That was my audition.
  3. I looked over and saw this man on the extreme right aisle sort of galloping to the podium. He was tall, he was thin, and the way he was galloping it looked as though he was going someplace much more important than the podium.
  4. I was not particularly bright, I wasn't very athletic, I was a little too tall, odd, funny looking, I was just really weird as a kid.
  5. In the nineteenth century, slavery was the greatest wrong, and government never stood so tall as when it was redressing that wrong.

Rhymes for tall:

  1. gaul, paule, call, maule, shawl, nall, spall, mall, brawl, wal, sprawl, all, raul, thrall, hall, mol, krol, gall, maul, faul, pol, rawl, haul, saul, shaul, wall, lall, sall, scrawl, dall, ball, drawl, crawl, squall, paul, bawl, aul, thall, small, stall, awl;
  2. enthral, install, nepal, befall, appall, antol, withal, recall, mccall, metall, forestall;
  3. senegal, luminol, montreal;

Translations for tall:

Afrikaans word for Tall


Arabic word for Tall


Chinese words for Tall

高大, 高层, 高挑, 挺拔.

Dutch word for Tall


German words for Tall

hoch, lang, Haut, hochgewachsen, Grand, hochwüchsig, großgewachsen, hochstämmig.

Javanese word for Tall


Korean word for Tall

키가 큰.

Malay word for Tall


Polish word for Tall


Portuguese words for Tall

cão, esguio, verticais.

Russian words for Tall

высокого роста, рослый, хвастливый.

Spanish words for Tall

elevado, alto, elevadas.

Turkish word for Tall

uzun boylu.