How To Spell target?

Correct spelling: target

What does the abbreviation target mean?

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What are the rhymes for target?

  1. argot, ergot;

What are the translations for target?

Afrikaans word for Target


Dutch words for Target

doel, doelstelling, doelwit, streven, schietschijf, mikpunt, cel, streefdoel, streefcijfer, streefwaarde, richtpunt.

French words for Target

but, objectif, diriger, viser, cible, cibler, fin, orienter, point de mire.

German words for Target

Ziel, Zielsetzung, Vorgabe, Target, Zielscheibe, anvisieren, anpeilen, auf abzielen, sich zum Ziel setzen, als Zielgruppe haben, sich zum Ziel stellen, Soll, Zielvorgabe, Angriffsziel, Zielbereich, Planziel, Schießscheibe, Plansoll, auf genau zielen, visieren, zum Ziel setzen, Destination.

Hindi word for Target


Italian words for Target

metà, obiettivo, traguardo.

Japanese words for Target

目標, 対象, ターゲット, 標的, 的, 狙い目, しじさき, 指示先, ひょうてき, ねらいどころ, もくひょう, やさき, まと, まとをしぼる, 狙い所, ねらいめ, 的を絞る, 矢先.

Korean word for Target


Malay word for Target


Marathi word for Target


Polish words for Target

docelowy, tarcza.

Portuguese words for Target

alvo, atingir, objectivo, apontar, previstos, fim, destinatários, prevista, desejado, fixado, afectadas, desejada, planejado, fixada, especificados, almejadas.

Romanian word for Target


Spanish words for Target

objetivo, blanco, objeto, abordar, dirigir, apuntar, marcar, mirar, indicativo, destino, mira, diana.

Turkish word for Target


Ukrainian word for Target