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What are the rhymes for task?

  1. rask, pasch, bask, pask, lask, pasque, ask, flask, basque, cask, mask;
  2. unmask;

What are the translations for task?

Chinese words for Task

工作, 作业, 课题, 功课, 派给工作.

Dutch words for Task

klus, taak, karwei, opdracht, opgave.

French words for Task

tâche, travail, fonction, activité, besogne.

German words for Task

Aufgabe, Auftrag, Arbeit, beauftragen, Pflicht, Amt, Aufgabenstellung, Mission, Schularbeit, Pensum, Schulaufgabe, Arbeit zuweisen, Labor, Cargo.

Greek word for Task


Italian words for Task

compito, lavoro, funzione, incarico, dovere, mansione.

Japanese words for Task

タスク, 一仕事, ひとしごと.

Javanese word for Task


Korean word for Task


Norwegian word for Task


Polish words for Task

rola, żądanie, wyzwanie, misja.

Portuguese words for Task

tarefa, incumbir, dever, trabalho, missão, afazeres.

Russian words for Task

задача, задание, обязанность.

Spanish words for Task

objetivo, empresa, tarea, cometido, de tareas, encargar, deber, mandato, trabajo.

Swedish word for Task