How To Spell taste?

Correct spelling: taste

What is the definition of taste?

  1. a small amount eaten or drunk; "take a taste--you'll like it"

What does the abbreviation taste mean?

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What are the translations for taste?

Arabic word for Taste


Bengali word for Taste


Chinese words for Taste

味, 味道, 口味, 滋味, 口感, 味觉, 品尝, 情调, 味儿, 领教.

Dutch words for Taste

keuren, proeven, smaak, smaken, ondervinden, smaakvermogen.

French words for Taste

savourer, sentir, goût, penchant, saveur, goûter à.

German words for Taste

Geschmack, Aroma, Notar.

Japanese words for Taste

風味, 味覚, 味わう, 風情, 口にする, かみわける, ふうりゅう, みかく, くちあたり, あじわう, くちにする, 風流, ふぜい, 嘗める, テースト, 好尚, あじあう, 含味, しょくみ, 味あう, 口を付ける, 口をつける, 舐める, こうしょう, ふうじょう, 口味, なめる, ふうみ, ふうち, このみ, けいしゅ.

Polish words for Taste

smak, rasa.

Portuguese words for Taste

provar, gosto, preferência, prova, paladar, gostinho, apetência, predileção.

Romanian word for Taste


Spanish words for Taste

gustar, prueba, probar, saber, experimentar, comer, muestra, degustar, bocado, anticipo, gusto, sabor, catar, saborear, agrado, paladear.

Turkish word for Taste

damak zevki.