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Spell Check of Taxes

Correct spelling: Taxes

Common misspellings for Taxes:

taaxy, tgaxes, taxess, thetosis, tatache case, taxses, Tcxes, ttache, taoxic, twxes, taxese, taaxic.


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Examples of usage for Taxes:

  1. If he does not want to pay taxes let him leave off drinking and smoking, which will probably be better for him in every way. – Political economy by W. Stanley Jevons
  2. Hence it is necessary to put on a certain number of different taxes so that those who manage to escape one tax shall be made to pay in some other way. – Political economy by W. Stanley Jevons

Rhymes for Taxes:

  1. waxes;
  2. axes, faxes;
  3. relaxes;