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How To Spell te?

Correct spelling: te

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What does the abbreviation te mean?


Te- as a girl's name is pronounced te. It is of American origin. Combination of the Te- prefix with various name endings. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable. See also Ta-, Tanisha and Tiana.
  • Telayna,
  • Teanna,
  • Tenesha,
  • Teona,
  • Telisa,
  • Tenisha,
  • Teana,
  • Telisha,
  • Teonna.

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Ho voglia di te


2007 film

Ho voglia di te is a 2007 film, directed by Luis Prieto, based on a novel of the same name by Federico Moccia, debuted on 9 March 2007 [citation needed]. The film is the sequel to Three Steps Above Heaven.

Huis te Ruurlo


Castle in Ruurlo, Netherlands

Huis te Ruurlo is a Dutch castle in Ruurlo, Gelderland, the Netherlands.

Te Ador


Studio album by Elena Gheorghe

Te Ador is the second solo studio album by Romanian singer Elena Gheorghe. It was released in July 2008 in Romania and features the singles "Te Ador" & "Până La Stele".

Te Marua


Te Marua is the northernmost urban suburb of Upper Hutt. The usual resident population in the 2006 census was 1,068. For reasons of location and distance from the city, the area is often classified as rural.

Te Pahi


Te Pahi was a Māori tribal leader and traveller from New Zealand. He was from the Ngāpuhi iwi and lived in the Rangihoua Bay area of the Bay of Islands.

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Translations for te:

Arabic word for Te

الشركة المصرية للاتصالات.

French word for Te


Hindi word for Te


Japanese words for Te

テ, 催涙弾, さいるいだん.

Korean word for Te


Russian word for Te


Ukrainian word for Te