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Correct spelling: team

Definition of team:

  1. Two or more horses, oxen or other beasts harnessed together for drawing; a number moving in a line; a company.
  2. To join together in a team; to work with a team.

Common misspellings for team:

tamon, tahena, ta home, tahomey, taimon, team, tahenaeum, tatain, tone, taom, ttune, taony, tahene, t a time, tama.


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This graph shows how "team" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for team:

  1. He walked in and greeted his research team – Syndrome by Thomas Hoover

Rhymes for team:

  1. dream, beem, diem, siem, beam, supreme, raheem, seem, gleam, upstream, rahim, creme, scheme, cream, deam, karim, deem, maxime, bream, stream, kareem, seam, steam, passim, regime, scream, ream, redeem, teem, liem, reim, vadim, theme;
  2. esteem, basim, joachim, extreme, joaquim, agleam, hakim;
  3. ibrahim, sephardim;