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What are the rhymes for tease?

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What are the translations for tease?

Afrikaans word for Tease


Arabic word for Tease


Bengali word for Tease


Chinese words for Tease

挑逗, 取笑, 戏弄, 引逗, 谑, 逗趣, 开胃, 逗趣儿, 调侃, 嬲, 谑而不虐, 捉弄, 调笑.

Dutch words for Tease

lastigvallen, kwellen, pesten, opgeilen.

French words for Tease

allumer, tourmenter, taquiner, taquin, plaisanter, agacer, aguicher, allumeuse.

German words for Tease

aufziehen, reizen, plagen, verspotten, necken, sticheln, Nervensäge, hänseln, frotzeln, uzen, foppen, veralbern.

Greek word for Tease


Hindi word for Tease


Japanese words for Tease

からかう, おちょける, いびる, ちょくる, 茶茶を入れる, 戯らす, いたぶる, おとこたらし, おちゃらかす, ちゃちゃをいれる, 茶々を入れる, 男誑し, 虐める, ちょける, じらす, じゃらす, 苛める, 焦らす, やゆ, 揶揄, 揶揄う, 戯す, 甚振る.

Javanese word for Tease


Korean word for Tease

(사람, 짐승을) (...의 일로)놀리다.

Malay word for Tease


Norwegian word for Tease


Portuguese words for Tease

gozar, tentar, reta, irritar, zombar, caçoar de, pentear, arreliar, brincar com, caçoar, debochar de, zombar de, gozar com, zoar.

Russian words for Tease

дразнить, разжигать интерес, надоедать просьбами, подначивать, ворсовать.

Spanish words for Tease

provocar, molestar, vacilar, fastidiar, burlarse de, burlarse, coquetear, cardar, chatear, atormentar, importunar, jorobar, mofarse de, tomar el pelo.