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How To Spell tell?

Correct spelling: tell

What are the misspellings for tell ?

  • steall,
  • twerl,
  • dellay,
  • ttell,
  • tellt,
  • butall,
  • we''ll,
  • tallk,
  • thely,
  • pell,
  • cell449,
  • jeol,
  • tyul,
  • teha,
  • toally,
  • taoal,
  • utill,
  • htoel,
  • tehi,
  • yelo,
  • teqila,
  • tofall,
  • deleo,
  • tallie,
  • tsill,
  • tosell,
  • yeall,
  • kell,
  • ketle,
  • turlly,
  • tuely,
  • celly,
  • teledo,
  • delli,
  • treel,
  • theey'll,
  • celll,
  • tehy,
  • tellthem,
  • atill,
  • telsl,
  • llll,
  • selli,
  • teally,
  • toall,
  • terll,
  • tille,
  • tocall,
  • rtell,
  • talor,
  • telsa,
  • telkl,
  • cell,
  • stell,
  • selle,
  • tels,
  • ttoally,
  • wlell,
  • telephy,
  • trell,
  • ahll,
  • thatll,
  • tawel,
  • matell,
  • tewlth,
  • daielle,
  • thy'll,
  • stwll,
  • toaly,
  • detele,
  • toelf,
  • tll,
  • tofeel,
  • etely,
  • hotell,
  • treuly,
  • nutella,
  • tuelle,
  • nell,
  • helll,
  • telco,
  • hell,
  • uttely,
  • tellus,
  • tyrrell,
  • tehyw,
  • televe,
  • telln,
  • ttyl,
  • hellu,
  • latelly,
  • tekll,
  • tolll,
  • telk,
  • ther'll,
  • theyll,
  • seell,
  • tuthill,
  • wlel,
  • timelly.

What is the definition of tell?

  1. To give an account; to make report; to produce effect; to publish; to discern. To tell off, to count off or divide a regiment or company.
  2. To utter; to communicate; to relate particulars; to inform; to disclose; to count; to number; to confess or acknowledge.

What does the abbreviation tell mean?

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What are the rhymes for tell?

  1. mell, gel, pell, stell, dell, stelle, gehl, frel, kjell, knell, cell, kell, mel, helle, chell, spell, kal, nel, ell, fell, fel, dwell, smell, jell, schell, bel, quell, del, nelle, el, snell, ehle, belle, shell, cel, zel, bell, elle, yell, sell, nell, swell, delle, tel, l, well;
  2. farewell, randell, cornell, chapell, grinnell, marcel, cordell, miguel, sydell, befell, outsell, carvel, marvell, motel, daniele, noelle, pastel, purcell, hillel, cornelle, hotel, bechtel, shirell, cavell, carmel, noel, gabel, compel, ul, gazelle, raquel, adelle, mendell, mozelle, michele, dantrell, manuel, ferrel, darnell, carel, udelle, arnelle, ravel, niguel, montel, shirelle, joelle, samelle, elwell, angelle, mirelle, mabelle, danelle, lapel, misspell, adele, waddell, odell, impel, atwell, dispel, rudelle, romelle, lavelle, sharell, ruelle, michelle, rochelle, akel, morel, ancel, ardelle, expel, foretell, rozelle, marcelle, mattel, madelle, resell, cartel, michel, twaddell, hormel, excel, retell, lyell, darrelle, sibelle, mirell, rangel, brunelle, arel, morrell, leonelle, rebel, nouvelle, janelle, tyrrell, marvelle, maybelle, patel, adell, adel, giselle, rachelle, corel, varvel, burrell, cattell, martelle, bedel, nobel, ansel, intel, fidel, moselle, accel, repel, cabell, novell, mantell, propel, apel, estelle, capelle, anwell, unsell, markel, chanel;
  3. aol, orabel, clientele, danielle, avenel, rafael, personnel, gabriele, mirabel, isabell, raphael;
  4. aix-la-chapelle, nepl, mademoiselle, materiel;

What are the translations for tell?

Afrikaans word for Tell


Arabic word for Tell


Chinese words for Tell

道出, 吩咐, 嘱咐, 告诵, 告诉.

Dutch words for Tell

vertellen, zeggen, onderscheiden.

French words for Tell

informer, signaler, transmettre, relater, conter, indiquer, dire, raconter, voir, expliquer, parler de à.

German words for Tell

verraten, erkennen, mitteilen, ausrichten, berichten, bestellen, sagen, sehen, stecken, erzählen, petzen, verklappen.

Greek word for Tell


Italian word for Tell


Japanese words for Tell

伝える, 申し上げる, 言渡す, 言い渡す, 言出す, 聞ける, 口を割る, おっしゃる, 申し聞かせる, きける, もうしでる, もうしわたす, もうしあげる, 言いだす, 口走る, もうしきかせる, かたらう, いいわたす, 聞かせる, 物語る, 申しあげる, くちをわる, つげる, いいだす, ものがたる.

Javanese word for Tell


Korean word for Tell

(...에게) 이야기하다.

Malay word for Tell


Marathi word for Tell


Norwegian word for Tell


Portuguese words for Tell

perceber, relatar, dizer.

Romanian word for Tell

a povesti.

Russian word for Tell

искусственный холм.

Spanish words for Tell

mostrar, comunicar, contar, indicar, decir, avisar, explicar, distinguir, informar de, estar seguro, narrar.

Tamil word for Tell


Ukrainian word for Tell