How To Spell temporary?

Correct spelling: temporary

What is the definition of temporary?

  1. lacking continuity or regularity; "an irregular worker"; "employed on a temporary basis"

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What are the rhymes for temporary?

  1. contemporary;

What are the translations for temporary?

Afrikaans word for Temporary


Chinese words for Temporary

暂, 臨时, 一时.

Dutch words for Temporary

voorlopig, tijdelijk, kortstondig, voorbijgaand, tijdelijk, van voorbijgaande aard.

French words for Temporary

temporel, transitoire, temporaire, provisoire, temporaires, provisoires.

German words for Temporary

kurzzeitig, provisorisch, temporär, befristet, zeitweilig, kommissarisch, behelfsmäßig, interimistisch, einstweilig, zeitbedingt.

Japanese words for Temporary

一時的, 仮設, 暫定的, 暫定, テンポラリー, テンポラリ, テンプ, いちじてき, ざんてい, 際物, ざんていてき, きわもの, かせつ, その場限り, そのばかぎり, 其の場限り, 一時の.

Javanese word for Temporary

sawetoro wektu.

Malay word for Temporary


Norwegian word for Temporary


Polish word for Temporary


Portuguese words for Temporary

transitório, temporário, provisório.

Spanish words for Temporary

eventual, provisional, interino, pasajero, fugaz, provisionales, temporal, temporales, temporáneo.