How To Spell tend?

Correct spelling: tend

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What is the definition of tend?

  1. manage or run; "tend a store"

What does the abbreviation tend mean?

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What are the translations for tend?

Afrikaans word for Tend


Arabic word for Tend

يَنْزَعُ إِلَى.

French words for Tend

soigner, tendre, garder, avoir tendance à.

German words for Tend

pflegen, Tender, hegen, tendieren.

Greek word for Tend


Hindi word for Tend

करते हैं.

Italian word for Tend


Japanese word for Tend


Korean word for Tend

경향이 있다.

Malay word for Tend


Marathi word for Tend


Polish word for Tend

skłonić się.

Romanian word for Tend

a avea o tendință spre.

Russian words for Tend

ухаживать, иметь тенденцию, присматривать, иметь склонность, клониться.

Spanish words for Tend

tratar, cuidar, propender.

Tamil word for Tend


Turkish word for Tend


Ukrainian word for Tend

мати тенденцію.

Vietnamese word for Tend

có xu hướng.