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How To Spell terms?

Correct spelling: terms

Definition of terms:

  1. Menses.

List of misspellings for terms:

  • eitems,
  • otems,
  • tooms,
  • termoil,
  • keyterms,
  • tersa,
  • temes,
  • ietms,
  • steems,
  • teamsof,
  • itemss,
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What does the abbreviation terms mean?

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Easy Terms


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Easy Terms is a 1966 TV play broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was an episode of the anthology Australian Playhouse and was written by Pat Flower.

Poker Terms

Video game

Private Terms


Private Terms was a millionaire American Thoroughbred racehorse and successful stallion. He was the son of Private Account, who in turn was the son of the great Damascus.

Private Terms Stakes


The Private Terms Stakes is a race for Thoroughbred horses held in late March at Laurel Park in Maryland, USA. The ungraded stakes race is open to three-year-olds, is run over one mile and an eighth on the dirt, and offers a purse of $150,000.

Terms and Conditions

2015 film

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This graph shows how "terms" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for terms:

  1. Well, it's an adventure story, and a Bildungsroman, of course, but there was also the intention to describe a culture that had been seen in rather narrow terms.
  2. It's kind of not about the quality of the art, as much as this is what I love doing and I'd have a worse time doing anything else. That's kind of as far as I think in terms of philosophy.
  3. What I wanted was for everyone listening to understand that these things mattered- not necessarily for me, but in this particular forum they mattered in terms of whether of not we were getting a person who should sit on the Supreme Court.
  4. I'm beginning to think that you should only be allowed to serve two terms, before madness sets in.
  5. The dichotomy between art and industry is totally dysfunctional in terms of film.

Rhymes for terms:

  1. herms, germs, worms, squirms, firms;
  2. confirms, affirms;
  3. reaffirms;

Translations for terms:

Arabic word for Terms


Dutch words for Terms

voorwaarden, termen, termijnen, bepalingen, begrippen, bewoordingen, benamingen.

French words for Terms

termes, conditions, terme, périodes, dispositions, clauses, trimestres.

German words for Terms

bedingen, Bestimmungen, Bedingungen, Begriffe, Ausdrücke, Mandat, Konditionen, Zahlungsbedingungen, Fristen, Vertragsbedingungen, Fachbegriffe, Laufzeiten, Fachausdrücke, Bezeichnungen, Zeiten, Termini, Modalitäten, Zeitpunkte, Benennungen, Perioden.

Hindi word for Terms


Italian word for Terms


Javanese word for Terms


Malay word for Terms


Marathi word for Terms


Polish words for Terms

postanowienia, warunki, terminy, określenia, pojęcia, wyrażenia, wyrazy, semestry, okresy.

Romanian words for Terms

termos, termeni.

Russian words for Terms

условия, сроки, термины.

Spanish words for Terms

normas, condiciones, términos, conceptos, plazos, cláusulas, períodos, modalidades, mandatos, vocablos, termer.

Turkish word for Terms