How To Spell there?

Correct spelling: there

What is the definition of there?

  1. a location other than here; that place; "you can take it from there"

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What are the rhymes for there?

  1. khmer, stare, bair, bahr, gair, clair, fer, stair, bare, blair, lair, hare, clare, mer, claire, werre, guerre, maire, derr, snare, ne'er, sare, pear, faire, bear, fair, terre, lehr, share, hair, pair, wear, chair, care, swear, cher, flair, their, pare, gare, kehr, mare, rare, glare, tear, prayer, err, mair, air, hehr, lare, darr, sayre, ware, blare, nair, herr, where, ferre, gehr, scare, heir, spare, serr, square, baer, flare, eyre, dare, fare, skare, they're;
  2. ensnare, mcnair, affair, moliere, alair, allaire, aware, compare, o'hare, unfair, belair, impair, forswear, sinclair, dispair, repair, midair, swissair, despair, abair, pierre, beware, prepare, declare, montclair, astaire, adaire, comair, voltaire, adair;
  3. doctrinaire, debonair, aer, billionaire, javier, solitaire, unaware, questionnaire, millionaire, usair, disrepair, icelandair;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

What are the translations for there?

Arabic word for There


Chinese word for There


Dutch word for There


French words for There

voici, voilà.

German words for There

da, der, dabei, dort, dahin, dorthin.

Hindi word for There


Japanese words for There

そのば, その場, そこもと, かのち, そこな, 其処許, 其処な, 彼の地, 其許, そこに.

Javanese word for There


Portuguese words for There

lá, ali, acolá.

Romanian word for There


Russian words for There

там, здесь, туда, тут.

Swedish word for There


Tamil word for There


Turkish words for There

Tam, Orada.