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Spell Check of thermometer

Correct spelling: thermometer

Definition of thermometer:

measuring instrument for measuring temperature

Common misspellings:

  • thermomenter (14%)
  • themometer (14%)
  • thermomiter (7%)
  • thermometor (6%)
  • thermoneter (5%)
  • termometer (4%)
  • themometor (4%)
  • therometer (4%)
  • thermomitor (4%)
  • thermomter (3%)

Examples of usage:

1) A thermometer at the side records the temperature of the bottles and of their contents.

2) When Geoffrey Chittenden, Senior, makes up his mind to do anything, he has the most sublime indifference for the thermometer of any one I ever had the honor of knowing.

3) He is content with thin cotton clothing which he wears year in year out, whether the mercury in the thermometer stand at 115 degrees or 32 degrees.

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