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Correct spelling: Thia


Thia \thi()-thia\

flowery; goddess; aunt
Thia as a girl's name is a variant of Anthea (Greek), Thea (Greek) and Tia (Spanish), and the meaning of Thia is "flowery; goddess; aunt".
Toia, Theia.

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Examples of usage for Thia:

  1. Thia chief is known to historians as 'Decebalus, ' although there is great difference of opinion as to whether that was his name or his title. "Roumania Past and Present" , James Samuelson.
  2. They knew that thia great, valiant man, beside whom all others, save Lee himself, seemed small and feeble, this mighty captain, who held the hosts of the enemy in the hollow of his hand, was the kindest and the most considerate of human beings. "Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War" , G. F. R. Henderson.
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