How To Spell thick?

Correct spelling: thick

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What are the rhymes for thick?

  1. mic, stick, nick, chick, mick, flick, pick, lick, dic, tic, sick, hick, brick, wik, trick, kick, dyk, wicke, nic, knick, shtick, rick, vic, bic, wick, slick, quik, dick, klick, vick, schick, nik, vik, schtick, pik, bric, pic, wyk, shick, mc, tick, sic, cwik, crick, frick, click, glick, strick, ric, quick;
  2. nonstick, handpick;
  3. realpolitik;

What are the translations for thick?

Arabic word for Thick


Chinese words for Thick

厚, 厚的, 厚厚, 粗大, 粘稠, 浓密, 浓稠, 森森, 较厚, 浓重, 深密, 浓, 密密实实, 密密麻麻, 密密扎扎, 密密匝匝.

Dutch words for Thick

breed, dik, grof, gebonden, talrijk, opgezwollen.

French words for Thick

lourd, dense, épais, dru, prononcé, denses, volumineux.

German words for Thick

groß, dicht, stark, dick, dumm, zähflüssig, fort, Dom, dicklich, stockdumm, strohdumm, wulstig.

Greek word for Thick


Italian word for Thick


Japanese words for Thick

厚い, 太い, 肉厚, とろり, うっそう, 鬱蒼, シック, 濃密, きれがわるい, ちゅうみつ, 欝蒼, 肉の厚い, ちょうみつ, ぶっとい, にくあつ, にくのあつい, 切れが悪い, トロリ, 稠密, 綢密, ふとい, のうみつ.

Javanese word for Thick


Korean word for Thick


Malay word for Thick


Marathi word for Thick


Norwegian word for Thick


Polish word for Thick


Portuguese words for Thick

espesso, grosso, imensa, maciça, carnudas.

Spanish words for Thick

grueso, resistente, ancho, fuerte, denso, espeso, lleno, abundante, gordo.

Swedish word for Thick