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How To Spell things?

Correct spelling: things

Definition of things:

  1. Clothes; luggage.

List of misspellings for things:

  • thans,
  • thanis,
  • thingsd,
  • thishas,
  • thison,
  • rhings,
  • thingies,
  • thinng,
  • thinhgs,
  • thonas,
  • thingg,
  • thibngs,
  • thinnly,
  • thign,
  • thingsw,
  • thownhouse,
  • thingfor,
  • thanls,
  • thinh,
  • thoing,
  • thined,
  • thinigs,
  • thingsy,
  • thaings,
  • thiiis,
  • thingsthat,
  • thangs,
  • thuing,
  • thisin,
  • thaiwanese,
  • thiing,
  • thimas,
  • thunbs,
  • thigs,
  • thingto,
  • thingz,
  • chothings,
  • thingas,
  • thingin,
  • thisgs,
  • thint,
  • thnis,
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  • thiung,
  • thinkgs,
  • thinf,
  • gothenburgh,
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  • thisz.

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Portuguese animated series

Homes Things is a Portuguese animated children's series created by José Miguel Ribeiro.

House of Last Things


2013 film

House of Last Things is a 2013 American thriller film directed and written by Michael Bartlett. It stars Lindsey Haun, Blake Berris, RJ Mitte, Randy Schulman, Diane Dalton, and Micah Nelson.

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2011 film

Things from Another World is a 2011 Italian comedy film directed by Francesco Patierno, loosely based on A Day Without a Mexican.

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This graph shows how "things" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for things:

  1. You just don't luck into things as much as you'd like to think you do. You build step by step, whether it's friendships or opportunities.
  2. For how many things, which for our own sake we should never do, do we perform for the sake of our friends.
  3. Poetry consists in a rhyming dictionary and things seen.
  4. I know that one of the distinguishing things was I looked like I could hold a gun, even though I'd never held one before and I'm physically able to do the martial arts and all that stuff.
  5. I have kids and I want to have a long life and there are certain things that are conducive to that and certain things that aren't. I've opted for the road of happiness and long life.

Rhymes for things:

  1. rings, clings, swings, wings, dings, kings, sings, flings, slings, brings, stings, springs, strings, wrings;

Translations for things:

Arabic word for Things


Chinese word for Things


Dutch words for Things

zaken, voorwerpen, spullen, objecten.

French words for Things

affaires, choses, trucs, articles, objets, machins, aspects, bidules, fringues.

German words for Things

dingen, Sachen, Zeug, Kluft, Dinge, Krempel, Teile, Siebensachen, Dinger.

Greek word for Things

τα πράγματα.

Javanese word for Things


Norwegian word for Things


Polish word for Things


Portuguese words for Things

assuntos, aspectos, coisas, pontos, acontecimentos, objectos, factos, aspetos.

Romanian word for Things


Spanish words for Things

cuestiones, temas, asuntos, cosas, objetos, puntos, ropa, personas, tareas, acontecimientos, elementos.

Swedish word for Things


Tamil word for Things


Turkish word for Things