How To Spell things?

Correct spelling: things

What is the definition of things?

  1. Clothes; luggage.

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What are the quotes for things?

  1. Time as he grows old teaches all things.
  2. A man can do all things if he but wills them.
  3. Men can do all things if they will.
  4. One of the things I enjoyed the most is just working as an actor.
  5. I love everything that's beautiful. A lot of things.

What are the rhymes for things?

  1. rings, clings, swings, wings, dings, kings, sings, flings, slings, brings, stings, springs, strings, wrings;

What are the translations for things?

Arabic word for Things


Chinese word for Things


Dutch words for Things

zaken, voorwerpen, spullen, objecten.

French words for Things

affaires, choses, trucs, articles, objets, machins, aspects, bidules, fringues.

German words for Things

dingen, Sachen, Zeug, Kluft, Dinge, Krempel, Teile, Siebensachen, Dinger.

Greek word for Things

τα πράγματα.

Javanese word for Things


Norwegian word for Things


Polish word for Things


Portuguese words for Things

assuntos, aspectos, coisas, pontos, acontecimentos, objectos, factos, aspetos.

Romanian word for Things


Spanish words for Things

cuestiones, temas, asuntos, cosas, objetos, puntos, ropa, personas, tareas, acontecimientos, elementos.

Swedish word for Things


Tamil word for Things


Turkish word for Things