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How To Spell ties?

Correct spelling: ties

Definition of ties:

  1. of Constitutionality

List of misspellings for ties:

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What does the abbreviation ties mean?


Ties as a boy's name.

Related words for ties

Fred Ties



Fred Ties was an American farmer and politician. Born in the village of Hagedorn, Westphalia, Germany, Ties emigrated with his parents to the United States in 1858 and settled in the town of Spring Grove, Green County, Wisconsin. Ties was a farmer.

Mark Granovetter


American sociologist

Mark Granovetter is an American sociologist and professor at Stanford University. Granovetter was recently recognized as a Citation Laureate by Thomson Reuters and added to that organization’s list of predicted Nobel Prize winners in economics for the year 2014.

No Marriage Ties


1933 film

No Marriage Ties is a 1933 American Pre-Code drama film directed by J. Walter Ruben and written by Arthur Caesar, H.W. Hanemann, Sam Mintz. The film stars Richard Dix, Elizabeth Allan, Doris Kenyon, Alan Dinehart and David Landau. The film was released on August 8, 1933, by RKO Pictures.

Ties to Rachel


1997 film

Ties to Rachel is a 1997 drama film directed, written and produced by Jon Resnik.

Traditional Ties


Album by Hot Rize

Traditional Ties is a third album by the progressive bluegrass band Hot Rize. It was the first Hot Rize album released by Sugar Hill Records, following the band's earlier releases with Flying fish records.

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This graph shows how "ties" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for ties:

  1. grise, prize, relies, julies, defies, thais, unties, y's, dise, wies, cries, kise, marseilles, geis, surprise, buys, chastise, thighs, dyes, hise, complies, crise, dries, guise, ayes, wise, flies, skies, lise, decries, bies, incise, disguise, ais, ise, pint-size, plies, rise, pries, vies, unwise, lies, fries, eis, guys, implies, revise, tries, bise, size, mies, comprise, spies, wyse, sighs, supplies, ries, emprise, surmise, goodbyes, shies, replies, pies, denies, nies, upsize, eyes, despise, dies, highs, demise;
  2. apprise, baptize, allies, belies, devise, reprise, arise, advise, applies;
  3. improvise, underlies, oversize;
  4. decriminalize, sensationalize;

Translations for ties:

Dutch words for Ties

banden, stropdassen, betrekkingen, relaties, contacten, verbanden, bindingen, verbindingen, touwen, dassen.

French words for Ties

relations, liens, contraintes, attachés, cravates, liaisons, égalités, cordons, amarres.

German words for Ties

Band, Verbundenheit, Bande, schwellen, Verpflichtungen, Verbindungen, Krawatten, Beziehungen, Bindungen, Binder, Belastungen, Bänder, Schlipse, Verflechtungen, Verknüpfungen, Halstücher.

Greek word for Ties


Italian word for Ties


Javanese word for Ties


Malay word for Ties


Polish word for Ties


Portuguese words for Ties

laços, vínculos, gravatas, ancoragens, amarras, relações, cordas, fios, atilhos, vinculações.

Romanian word for Ties


Spanish words for Ties

enlaces, lazos, relaciones, empates, ataduras, corbatas, nexos, anclajes.

Tamil word for Ties


Turkish word for Ties