How To Spell till?

Correct spelling: till

What does the abbreviation till mean?


power of the tribe
Till as a boy's name is of German origin, and the meaning of Till is "power of the tribe". Variant of Theodoric. The German legends about Till Eulenspiegel were the inspiration for a tone poem by Richard Strauss.

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What are the rhymes for till?

  1. krill, thrill, quill, still, mille, grill, rill, lil, nil, twill, wil, bill, will, spill, drill, brill, zill, hille, ill, sill, pil, nill, stil, pill, il, prill, mil, shrill, mill, we'll, frill, shill, lill, fil, ville, hill, lille, phil, gil, zil, gill, bil, trill, swill, thill, fril, sil, jil, skill, dill, chill, jill, til, grille, fill;
  2. distill, until, demille, refill, seville, sunil, abril, fulfill, goodwill, brazil, uphill, instill, belleville, distil, bastille;

What are the translations for till?

Arabic word for Till

إِلَى أَنْ.

Bengali word for Till


Dutch words for Till

voor, totdat, geldlade.

French words for Till

cultiver, labourer, jusqu’à.

German words for Till

bearbeiten, bestellen, bis, ackern, Kasse, bewirtschaften, kultivieren, bebauen, bis in, beackern, Geldkassette, Ladenkasse, Geldschublade, Geschiebelehm, Geldkasten, Geldkasse, Geschiebemergel, Tillit, tot, Kassa.

Greek word for Till

έως ότου.

Hindi word for Till


Italian word for Till


Japanese word for Till


Javanese word for Till


Korean word for Till


Malay word for Till


Marathi word for Till


Norwegian word for Till

(helt) til.

Polish word for Till


Romanian word for Till

până ce (temporal).

Spanish words for Till

hasta, cultivar, labrar, arar.

Swedish word for Till


Turkish word for Till


Ukrainian word for Till


Vietnamese word for Till

cho tới khi.