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How To Spell time?

Correct spelling: time

Definition of time:

  1. an instance or single occasion for some event; "this time he succeeded"; "he called four times"; "he could do ten at a clip"

List of misspellings for time:

  • tme,
  • wime,
  • ttime,
  • ntime,
  • thime,
  • ttimes,
  • timeyou,
  • drime,
  • domme,
  • dthem,
  • tivo,
  • tilem,
  • buti'm,
  • timoth,
  • tine,
  • itwmw,
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  • 4times,
  • soime,
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  • item70300,
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What does the abbreviation time mean?

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Music Festival

Time Warp is an annual electronic music festival in Mannheim, Germany. The festival was introduced in 1994 on the other side of the river Rhine in Ludwigshafen. As a cultural festival, the main sponsor was TDK Marketing Europe from 2005 to 2007. The new sponsor is Cosmopop.

Time: Live Tour 2013


Concert tour

Time: Live Tour 2013, also known as the Time Tour, was the sixth Japanese concert tour by South Korean pop duo Tohoshinki, in support of their sixth Japanese studio album Time.

Google Ngram Viewer results for time:

This graph shows how "time" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for time:

  1. chime, syme, thyme, rhyme, mime, i'm, crime, clime, prime, lime, dime, seim, slime, rime, grime, climb, sime, haim;
  2. onetime, sublime, part-time;

Translations for time:

Arabic word for Time


Chinese words for Time

时分, 时日, 年华, 岁月, 时节, 时辰.

Dutch words for Time

tijd, keer, maal, tijd.

French words for Time

heure, cadence, chronométrer, minuter, temporel, mesure, temps, fois, période, époque, chronologique.

German words for Time

Spielraum, messen, Zeit, Takt, Laufzeit, Frist, stoppen, Rhythmus, Zeitpunkt, Zeitraum, Periode, timen, Geschwindigkeit, Moment, Stunde, zeitlich bestimmen, zeitlich festlegen, abstoppen, Mal, Uhrzeit, Fase, Tageszeit, Zeitmaß.

Italian words for Time

orario, durata.

Japanese words for Time

手間, 暦年, 折, じ, じかん, せいそう, 時日, 砌, きわ, じぶん, さんまや, ころおい, つきひ, 暦日, 光陰, れきじつ, みぎり, 三摩耶, 星霜, 頃おい, 時宣, せつ, れきねん.

Javanese word for Time


Malay words for Time

Tempo, Zaman.

Polish word for Time


Portuguese words for Time

hora, data, prazo, horário, volta, período, época, ocasião.

Romanian words for Time

ora, masă.

Spanish words for Time

programar, rato, plazo, calcular, momento, cronometrar, intervalo, tiempo, vez, época, de tiempo, temporada, era.

Swedish word for Time


Tamil word for Time


Turkish word for Time


Ukrainian word for Time