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How To Spell toed?

Correct spelling: toed

Definition of toed:

  1. Having (such or so many) toes; - chiefly used in composition; as, narrow-toed, four-toed.

List of misspellings for toed:

  • tmed,
  • stoood,
  • thooet,
  • touced,
  • tuked,
  • toald,
  • dtaed,
  • deede,
  • tofee,
  • toand,
  • tieed,
  • toiet,
  • tohte,
  • twrd,
  • twaord,
  • toawrd,
  • doddo,
  • totai,
  • tidey,
  • gtood,
  • teadh,
  • teird,
  • taged,
  • atteed,
  • toeht,
  • dieid,
  • stoerd,
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  • toword,
  • tossd,
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  • tword.

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Cyrtodactylus mamanwa


Cyrtodactylus mamanwa or Southern Philippines bent-toed gecko is a species of gecko endemic to the Philippines. It was identified in 2010 from a sample collected in 2007 on the Dinagat Island and named after the Mamanwa indigenous group.

Cyrtodactylus mansarulus



Cyrtodactylus mansarulus, commonly known as the Jammu bent-toed gecko, is a species of gecko found in N Pakistan, South Kashmir.

Doi Suthep bent-toed gecko


The Doi Suthep bent-toed gecko is a species of gecko that is endemic to northern Thailand.

Goggia lineata


Goggia lineata, the striped dwarf leaf-toed gecko, is a minute and delicate species of dwarf leaf-toed gecko, that is indigenous to the western part of the Cape of South Africa.

Phyllodactylus insularis


Phyllodactylus insularis, the Belize leaf-toed gecko or the Belize atoll gecko, is a species of gecko native to Belize. It is a small, pale, large headed gecko only found on small islands off Belize's coast and was first described by James R.

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Quotes for toed:

  1. This is my 25th year of being on stage. A lot of people who I kind of toed up to the starting line with are no longer in this position. I feel very, very lucky.

Translations for toed:

Afrikaans word for Toed


Arabic word for Toed

مس باصبع القدم.

Bengali word for Toed


French word for Toed


Hindi word for Toed


Japanese word for Toed


Korean word for Toed


Portuguese word for Toed


Romanian word for Toed


Spanish word for Toed

tocada con la punta.

Tamil word for Toed