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How To Spell Took?

Correct spelling: Took

What are the misspellings for Took ?

  • shetook,
  • toko,
  • topor,
  • tonka,
  • outook,
  • tolook,
  • fook,
  • tood,
  • tokeo,
  • tiick,
  • kotow,
  • tooka,
  • toour,
  • tokyp,
  • woodk,
  • topik,
  • booky,
  • topoc,
  • toalk,
  • tgake,
  • toshow,
  • totake,
  • turke,
  • trok,
  • tooll,
  • book,
  • tokk,
  • turgor,
  • looki,
  • llook,
  • tocuh,
  • sodoku,
  • looka,
  • toulck,
  • tooc,
  • ttook,
  • tooken,
  • took,
  • look,
  • tocu,
  • touke,
  • boock,
  • tokoyo,
  • takke,
  • llok,
  • nnok,
  • dlook,
  • sooke,
  • toykyo,
  • taiki,
  • iook,
  • topok,
  • tocov,
  • tlook,
  • sook,
  • tookover,
  • tok,
  • leook,
  • torqe,
  • toomy,
  • turky,
  • boook,
  • itook,
  • tolke,
  • ttake,
  • toook,
  • tookin,
  • tikka,
  • tookthe,
  • toolk,
  • toyour,
  • tokyio,
  • lookk,
  • tolk,
  • ttok,
  • dook,
  • vokoa,
  • yrok,
  • wook,
  • 90tjh,
  • tooj,
  • toyou,
  • tookn,
  • toyko,
  • nwteork,
  • toock,
  • touhc,
  • toask,
  • stoock,
  • tjhey,
  • tihkn,
  • tgood,
  • vodk,
  • wooke,
  • pooka,
  • bbook,
  • ook,
  • koow,
  • towake,
  • toknow.

What is the definition of Took?

  1. of Take

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What are the quotes for Took?

  1. Other writers, producers, and directors of low -budget films would often put down the film they were making, saying it was just something to make money with. I never felt that. If I took the assignment, I'd give it my best shot.
  2. Beginning to create again was something that I took for granted but I never will take it for granted again.
  3. Yes it was we, are a few years back parted from our record company and took the album that we were making with them and released it independently in the United States had a number one Independent debut in the United States.
  4. It's hard now to imagine that kind of travel and the daily tasks they simply took for granted. If a wagon axle broke, you had to stop and carve a new one. To cross a river, you sometimes had to build a raft.
  5. I really took filmmaking very seriously... It was an honor and then a crutch also, because at a young age, I was like, I guess I'm a serious filmmaker. I never set out to be a serious filmmaker. I just set out to make movies.

What are the rhymes for Took?

  1. stroock, cook, rook, brook, nook, hooke, book, brooke, crook, flook, shook, cooke, hook, look, schnook, snook, crooke;
  2. precook, unhook, kirkuk, forsook, chinook, mistook, rebook, retook;
  3. overtook, undertook, overcook, undercook;
  4. gobbledygook;

What are the translations for Took?

Arabic word for Took


Chinese word for Took


Dutch word for Took


French word for Took

a pris.

German word for Took


Greek word for Took


Hindi word for Took

ले लिया.

Italian word for Took

ha preso.

Japanese word for Took


Javanese word for Took


Malay word for Took


Marathi word for Took


Polish word for Took


Portuguese word for Took


Romanian word for Took

a luat.

Russian word for Took


Spanish word for Took


Swedish word for Took


Turkish word for Took


Ukrainian word for Took