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Correct spelling: topic

Common misspellings for topic:

topick, toopic.


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Examples of usage for topic:

  1. A topic Gr. topos, place) is a head of discourse. Since a topic for discussion is often stated in the form of a question, question has come to be extensively used to denote a debatable topic especially of a practical nature&# 8212; an issue; as, the labor question; the temperance question. In deliberative assemblies a proposition presented or moved for acceptance is called a motion, and such a motion or other matter for consideration is known as the question, since it is or may be stated in interrogative form to be answered by each member with a vote of " aye" or " no;" a member is required to speak to the question; the chairman puts the question. In speaking or writing the general subject or theme may be termed the topic tho it is more usual to apply the latter term to the subordinate divisions, points, or heads of discourse; as, to enlarge on this topic would carry me too far from my subject; a pleasant drive will suggest many topics for conversation. –  by
  2. I had a hunch the topic might arise. – Syndrome by Thomas Hoover
  3. Her words were greeted with laughter; but everyone was anxious to hear more from this man who spoke so confidently upon the topic of the hour. – The Sins of Séverac Bablon by Sax Rohmer

Rhymes for topic:

  1. tropic, opic;
  2. myopic;
  3. endoscopic, gyroscopic, isotopic, microscopic, philanthropic, geotropic, laparoscopic;